Welcome to the Electronics and Communication Engineering Department of Amity School of Engineering & Technology. We are proud of our heritage of expertise and skilful experience which has educated and helped create corporate leaders and entrepreneurs across the globe. Our unceasing and untiring commitment towards our students motivates them to learn, grow and lead in a rich educational and intellectual environment.

Electronics and Communication Engineering is a discipline which uses the scientific knowledge of the behaviour and effects of electrons to develop components, devices, systems, or equipment that uses electricity as part of its driving force. Electronics and Communication Engineering discipline spans a diverse set of intellectual subfields and applications. The subfields can be grouped into overlapping and interrelated areas like signal processing, semiconductor chip design, telecommunication, data communication networks, satellite and radar link setup, embedded systems, robotics and many more.

ASET ECE is one of the pioneering departments of Amity University which has excelled in the past few years. Through the constant support of our qualified Faculty, Staff, High-Tech Labs and undoubtedly our brilliant students, ASET-ECE has conducted and continues to deliver path breaking performance and myriad innovations.

Can you imagine a day without your personal electronic gadgets or home appliances or electronic communication?

Today's world is very much for and of the Electronics & Communication Engineers

Ever thought how a microwave works, or how satellites are launched or simply how a sim card works? Come and find the answers

Electronics is now a part of our everyday life, from our pocket FM radio to televisions, computers, mobile phones, and many other countless things

Electronics Engineers develop new products, specify precise functional requirements, design and test components, produce a final design and evaluate that design's cost, safety, reliability and effectiveness.

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