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Our Top Recruiters

Aditi Singh B. Tech CSE Batch 2019 -2023
Cisco Ideathon

It has been a wonderful journey at Amity University, Noida.My overall experience to date has been amazing, and the college is having an amazing infrastructure along with amazing faculties . Amity has provided me with a number of opportunities to grow and explore my skills. I would like to express my sincere gratitude towards my teachers for enhancing my skills. I would like to thank the wonderful team of ATPC who have provided me with ample of opportunities. Amity has played an important role in my success. Thank you Amity!!

Nikhil Soni B. Tech CSE Batch 2019 -2023
Palo Alto Networks CTC-61.75 LPA

My three years journey at Amity University is truly memorable. When I first joined the university, I was naïve and underconfident. Amity provides me with a platform for my scholastic and co-scholastic development. I got a lot of exposure to learning about new technologies through conferences, technical events, international collaboration, and meetups held at the ASET department. They also encourage me to take part in hackathons and with their support and believe I’ve won some of the competitions and learned a lot from these opportunities. Amity University has played an immense role in my success.

Aditya Nagyal B. Tech CSE
Batch 2019 -2023 Palo Alto Networks
CTC-61.75 LPA

Amity University is itself an entire world on its own. It enables an individual to excel in every possible area, by doing their overall development. My journey at Amity has been challenging, exciting and motivating. I thank my faculty for ensuring we are covered and up to date on all important topics and the placement cell for their invaluable efforts in attracting the top companies to our campus, allowing us to shine.

Gunjan B. Tech CSE Batch 2019 -2023
Palo Alto Networks CTC-61.75 LPA

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude towards Amity University and Placement Cell for their active support throughout my graduation and help to get placed with a leading company, Palo Alto Networks. Amity University provides excellent exposure to students by organizing different activities, which are very helpful for every student in deciding their future field.

Shruti Priya B.Tech( CSE) 2019-23
Palo Alto Networks CTC-61.75 LPA

I have been placed in my dream company, Palo Alto through Amity Campus Placement. I joined Amity University in the year 2019 and the journey has been nothing short of amazing. Switching from offline to online classes, everything changed, but the support and motivation provided by our faculties were constant. I have learned a lot, not just academically but in all aspects of career development.

Gautami (B. Tech CSE)
A2305218043 Batch 2019-2022
CISCO (CTC- 19.5 Lakhs)
Amazon (CTC- 52 Lakhs)

I am so grateful and blessed that I got to be a part of Amity University specially ASET during the most important years of my life. The environment in which I got to live as an “Amitian” molded and reshaped my thought process and personality altogether in unimaginable ways. Iwas presented with great facilities and opportunities and I could not thank my college enough. I am thankful to all my teachers for being constant guides. I was able to attend the Student Abroad Program that clarified my mind to such levels that I was perfectly able to make good decisions. It provided me with much-needed exposure. And as a result, I was able to crack Cisco with all the well wishes. I am glad to be the shining diamond of the Amity Universe.

Simran Khanna (B. Tech CSE)
A2305218101 Batch 2019-2022
Palo Alto Networks (CTC- 36.5 Lakhs)

It's been a great journey with Amity University. In my time here I've always found the university giving it's best to the students when it comes to education, placements and non-academics. I've felt motivated all throughout the academic years with Amity because of the continuous support from the professors and the strong culture that amity has built for students. It was everyone's support and wishes that I was able to grab an opportuity to work with Palo Alto Networks when Amity presented me with it. The experience with the university was no less than the best that one can expect. The growth I've experienced not just in my technical skills but interpersonal as well is all thanks to Amity's curriculum where the focus in laid on everything required to enter the industry and excel.

Manish Bishnoi (B. Tech CSE)
A2305218529 Batch 2019-2022
Amazon (CTC- 52 Lakhs)

I feel great studying at Amity as it provides a great opportunity as well as support from faculties and placement officers. Getting placed in Amazon is a great achievement for me for which I would like to thank Amity University. To keep students motivated in academics, Amity provides a great scholarship program. This is a place where you will always try to push your limits and excel in your domain.

Pranay Malik, B.Tech - ECE (2017-2021)
placed in Dell Technologies

It was a great experience studying at Amity University, a memory to cherish for a lifetime. My experience at Amity University was full of learning and grooming. Being a global University, I got an opportunity to travel abroad, meet different kind of people from around the world and learnt many things from them. I am thankful to all the faculty and ECE department for me in enhancing our academic and interpersonal skills.

I am also thankful to the placement department for getting me placed in a Dream Company. “AMITY IS THE PLACE WHERE TALENT MEETS OPPORTUNITY”.

Dheerika Pandey, B.Tech - ECE (2017-2021)
System Engineer, Tata Consultancy Services

Amity University has shaped me and students like me in every aspect, from my education and qualification to the person that I am today. The faculties here have always encouraged the students to move out of their comfort zones and explore options unknown to the research. The International conferences held annually, provide a lot of exposure to students. The ECE department not only gave their best to provide us with a quality of education but also made sure that we got enough experience of the professional world. We were provided many opportunities in terms of internships and training.

The university is very well known for its placement ratio. And I as a student have experienced it first-hand. Despite it being a pandemic, Amity has managed to place all the students.

Pranjul Kumar, B.Tech - ECE (2017-2021)
placed in Cisco

Amity University gives the right stage and ambience to showcase your abilities and talents. It helps you to discover the horizons of your life. Amity provides with a strong framework of faculty and mentors because of whom, I am in this successful position. Getting placed in Cisco was only possible due to the close association of my hard work and ECE Dept. support. Success is a journey through which every student goes through and it is the role of educational institution to take us to our final destination. Amity University has played an immense role in my success. Proud to be an Amitian for Life!

Mohsin Alam B.Tech - CSE - 2016-2020  Cisco Systems

I joined Cisco soon as an intern in January in my 8th semester and finally got full-time at Cisco as well, I feel very thankful to Amity as the university was a Netacad partner for Cisco and I participated in the first ever ideathon organized by Cisco and was one of the finalists. Starting my university journey back in 2016 from a wide variety of subjects required in the IT field, to laboratories, which were fun and amazing, to NTCC and finally to internships, these combinations make a student very fit to adapt in the corporate world. My journey so far was amazing with a lot of learning. I was a part of various clubs which dealt with different fields like photography or just IT stuff. Amity is a place for all activities you want and has an immense pool of talent. The environment in Amity helps you grow as an individual and affect your overall personality development. I look forward to many more aspiring students like me chasing their dreams and making them a reality.

Swati Singh B.Tech - CSE - 2016-2020  Cisco Systems 16.3 lpa + Additional Benefits 

Amity University provides a platform not only for intensive professional development but also for our rigorous personal development. The courses that I took, be it, core-tech classes, foreign language, or behavioral classes, collectively played a crucial in my journey of becoming a passionate tech enthusiast. I am extremely thankful to my HOD Prof. Abhay Bansal for supporting me when I traveled to San Jose for a hackathon.  This goes to show how Amity is leaving no stone unturned in motivating students to achieve their goals, whatever that may be. At Amity, students are encouraged to expand their horizons, explore global opportunities, and become the leaders of today. I am glad to tell you that I have accepted an offer from Cisco as an Associate Solutions Engineer. Thank you to Amity and everybody else who supported me throughout the process! 

Vipul Gupta Working remotely with London based company

The dictionary defines superlative as: of the highest kind, quality, or order, surpassing all else, or others. Supreme. The sheer amount of personal, and professional development I have had at Amity University is what I term as 'Supreme'. This institution provided me support, skills, scholarship, guidance at key points throughout my 4-year journey of pursuing my B.Tech degree. Whether that would be for sponsoring me at prestigious international hackathons like HackMIT to supporting me for attending international conferences like PyCon US and Mozfest. I am grateful for the positive initiatives and opportunities provided by Amity Univesity for students to promote excellence in every field. Moreover, leading the ALiAS community and running the successful GSoC AMA program gave me a chance to grow as a leader and help spearhead open-source culture at Amity University. During my summer internships, I contributed to many open-source projects with Google Summer of Code as well as built technical projects for clients as a freelancer, polishing my soft skills by working with the communities in Delhi-NCR. In the end, all efforts lead to fruition, as I received offers from highly acclaimed MNC's and startups such as Google, TravisCI, and Accenture. I accepted an offer and started working remotely as a software engineer at Balena along with working on my own initiative, Mixster to build better documentation for startups. Looking back, I feel lost for words to thank my teachers, mentors, peers, and ALiAS family at Amity University who played a major role in helping me where I am right now both as a professional and as a better human being.

Jigyasa Handa B.Tech - CSE(2016-2020)

Amity University has played a vital role in the growth and achievement I have made so far in my life .  From supportive professors to perfect work culture of the organisation has helped me reach a platform where i could showcase  my talent and skills to organisations like ‘ Royal Dutch Shell PLC’ , one of the oil and gas "supermajors" and the third-largest company in the world, and get an opportunity to work as a software IT engineer at a starting package of 10 lakhs in Shell. Amity also made me practically execute and learn new things and made me inquisitive to research on new, latest topics resulting in me writing a few research and review papers to add on to my knowledge and skills. The credit for my confidence  and hardworking spirt goes to my universe- Amity universe.

Rishabh Shukla Batch - 2016-20 Placed in Google 11.3 lac CTC per annum

I learned a lot in my time at the University. From cultural clubs to technical events and to international collaboration, everyone gets a lot of exposure and opportunities to grow here. I am a big admirer of the culture and environment Amity University provides. I found that if a student pushes themselves in learning something and is willing to look for support, they will get a lot of help from the awesome faculty team and other staff members. Also because of continuous support and guidance of Amity University, I was able to get such an opportunity to get a job at Google.

Ayush Agarwal B.Tech 8CSE 8Y A2305216567 2016 - 2020

My four years at Amity have indeed been a captivating journey just like a fresher imagines a college life to be. Be it any sphere of learning i.e. academics or extracurriculars, I was provided with the endless opportunities which helped me in my overall personality development hence resulting to be an essential asset. The excellent infrastructure provided every possible resource I needed, whether it was a well-equipped library or a sports complex for bursting stress. Amity also financially supported me by offering a 100% scholarship based on my academic merit for the entire duration of my course at the university. International exposure through projects and conferences made my experience even more enriching which eventually added up in my professional growth. During my final year, I was selected for an Internship + Full-time role as an Associate Software Engineer at Sabre Corporation, which adds up as a major achievement in my portfolio. My advice to every student would be to remain consistent, determined, and focussed so much so that you put in continuous efforts towards what you want to achieve in life.

Jai Sehgal, B.Tech - ECE (2016-2020)
placed in ZTE telecom India LTD

It was prestigious 4 year long journey at Amity University, Noida. I was awarded scholarship throughout the program.From the beginning of my degree i was enthusiastic about Electronics and wanted to learn about how Chips are Designed and work. From Meeting visionary to extraordinary professor,scholars ,researches and experiencing advance labs enabled me to explore my interest. During my summer internship I was selected by Mentor Graphics a Siemens business for their well know higher education program there i learned about hardware verification. During the program every year the department organizes SPIN (Signal processing and integrated networks) international conference which undoubtedly gave outstanding opportunity to students for participating and knowing about cutting edge research.
Recently I am placed with ZTE telecom India LTD as a graduate trainee engineer(soon joining in june 2020). Finally I would like to say this programs gave me lot of things either it is soft skills, technology insight or research mindset.

Agneev Das, B Tech - ECE (2016-20), ASET
Placed in EY (as Analyst in Business Advisory Services)

Amity provided me a platform in which one is ought to vanquish their goals and fulfil whatever they desire to do with their life. I started pursuing my Bachelors of Technology degree in Electronics and Communication in 2016, the time when I was anxious and curious to know what Amity has in store for me. It was a challenging moment for me but in no time the faculties helped me through the transition with ease and guided me to prosper with my academics with a stellar record and aided me in other aspects, especially researches. The HoD and faculties were always there for me whenever I needed their help and under their supervision, they helped me groom my overall personality for life after Amity. Overall my experience in Amity (especially in ECE) has been illustrious and I can sum up by saying I am a proud Amitian.

Rishi Deb, B.Tech - ECE (2016-2020)
Placed in Google

My continued success is directly attributed to the professional and dedication of Amity University. Amity is a place where individuals come in different skill sets, aspirations and attitudes. In this college I have learnt to think independently, be creative and push myself out of comfort zone. This is a college that adds significant value to each student and helps individuals reach his or her highest potential.This institution gave me a chance to sit for one of the most esteemed organizations, Google. Their continued support and direction helped get placed in Google. I thank this institution providing me with substantial international exposure and giving me a platform to showcase my abilities as well as improve on them.

Ridhima Puri, B.Tech - ECE,2016-2020
Placed in : ZTE Telcom India Pvt Ltd

Amity University works for scholastic and co-scholastic development of their students. This institute extends beyond the classrooms and provides hands-on exposure to the students .Working towards excellence not only includes students exposure to various fields but also professional attitude of our lecturer/professors which help in building up our technical skills. Scholarships offered by Amity University not only builds up and boosts up our confidence but also enhances the willingness to do well in life. The constantly expanding number of companies that visit the campus for recruitment are a testimony to the quality that Amity University is known for. Amity students emerge out of the University with necessary skills set to succeed in the wide world of corporate.

Shrenik Jain, B.Tech - ECE (2004-2008)
Working with Siemens, USA

My B.Tech. (Electronics and Communication Engineering) degree at Amity gave me the platform to challenge and improve myself, meet smart people with innovating thinking. The skills for generating and validating ideas are timeless, and I believe being able to think critically and evaluate ideas beyond the surface level has been helpful in my career and made me a more valuable employee.

One of the most important things I learned during my time in Amity was that sometimes important to fail at something to succeed at it...later. I was never the most brilliant student, never amongst the highest scoring, I was someone who spent more time on stage than in the classroom, but Amity had this culture that made me feel that, whoever I was, they believed in me and wanted me to succeed.
Currently Shrenik is working with Siemens, USA. He is a part of their Management Consulting and Internal Auditing group, which assists top-level management with sound advice in making the right decisions needed to keep the operative business running smoothly.

Gaurav Kathuria, B.Tech - ECE (2008-2012 Batch)
Customer Delivery Specialist at MITEL Connect, U.S.

My B.Tech. (Electronics and Communication Engineering) degree at Amity gave me the platform to challenge and improve myself, meet smart people with innovating thinking. The skills for generating and validating ideas are timeless, and I believe being able to think critically and evaluate ideas beyond the surface level has been helpful in my career and made me a more valuable employee.

One of the most important things I learned during my time in Amity was that sometimes important to fail at something to succeed at it...later. I was never the most brilliant student, never amongst the highest scoring, I was someone who spent more time on stage than in the classroom, but Amity had this culture that made me feel that, whoever I was, they believed in me and wanted me to succeed.
Gaurav is currently working as a Customer Delivery Specialist at MITEL Connect, U.S with a package of 54,000 Lakh per annum (INR)

Nimesh Kumar, CSE - (Batch 2007-11)
Assistant Software Engineer, Accenture

joined Amity as a scholarship student, but lost my scholarship due to low grades in the first year. It was a wakeup call for me, simply put The Truth ,one experience when I learnt to work hard deal with different type of people, handle different situations, most of all to believe in myself. I tried and tried and got my scholarship back in the Last year. Now I cannot be proud of losing my scholarship but I can still feel the joy of working up the ladder and nourishing and polishing the skills I had under the guidance of my teachers and Respected Dr. Balvinder Shukla Mam. Today I can say I learnt the most important experience in life here in Amity Never give up, Never say Die

Shaunak Ganguly, B.Tech - ECE (2010-2014)
Intern at Robert Bosch Campus, Renningen, Germany

My years at Amity are truly memorable. I was taught by some learned and highly experienced professors, made some really good friends and feel that my department still welcomes me as an alumnus to share my views and also help me when needed. The dept. of ECE, ASET is a perfect amalgamation of experience and youth under a capable leadership to provide students an all round development. The department motivates and supports good research work and facilitated me with the opportunity to co-author several technical papers published by Springer, Taylor & Francis and IEEE.
Currently, he is doing M.Sc. (Communications Engineering) from RWTH Aachen, Germany and working as an intern at Robert Bosch Campus, Renningen, Germany in the department of futuristic mobility as part of the team developing an optical engine.

Shaumik Ganguly, B.Tech - ECE (2010-14)
Intern at Phillps Healthcare, Germany

Dept. of ECE, ASET gave me the platform to hone my skills and knowledge to excel in the professional world. Excellent infrastructure backed by a group of learned and enthusiastic professors and teachers is the ideal combination which this department offers its students. The B.Tech programme also includes courses in business communication which help develop leadership skills and team building. It was only because of the support from the department that I along with my group mates were able to publish several technical papers, published by reputed publishers like Taylor & Francis, Springer and IEEE. Having being the Class Representative, I can vouch that dept. of ECE has a helpful admin staff. As alumni, I am proud of Amity and the Department of ECE, ASET!!!
He is at present doing M.Sc. (Communications Engineering) from RWTH Aachen, Germany and working as an Intern at Phillps Healthcare at the Department of Clinical Application Research in Aachen, Germany.

Sagar Dhamija, B.Tech - ECE (2006-2010)
Pursuing MS from New York

Today, after 3 years from graduation, I can proudly say that Amity is one of the best universities to study in. Apart from imparting great education the university also helps in one's overall development. The Electronics & Communication Engineering branch to which I belonged had some really fantastic faculty members like, Dr. Anu Mehra, Dr. Pradeep Rana & Mr. Sanjeev Saxena, to name a few. The faculty members were very cooperating and really took pains to provide us with nothing but the best. In addition to great faculty members, the department also provides excellent hands on opportunities in the form of projects that helps in developing required skills as per industry standards. In nutshell all I can say is I am proud to be an AMITIAN.
He is currently pursuing MS from University at Buffalo- State University of New York

Karanpreet Kaur, B.Tech - ECE (2008-2012)
Associate National Executive Officer, UNESCO

When I first joined Amity in August 2008, I was naive, under confident and unsure of what lay ahead. Gradually it became my life � from managing studies and extra-curricular activities, making projects and writing assignments, and working on circuit boards, to making life-long friends in hostel; those were the best four years of life! Amity gave me a degree, a job, a career, but more than that it gave me the confidence to move ahead both in terms of higher studies and better career opportunities. Today as I work with the United Nations, confidently working with corporate, Government departments and international agencies, I know it is because of the grooming at Amity that I stand here!
She is currently working at UNESCO as Associate National Executive Officer

Abhijeet Kumar, B.Tech - ECE (2006-2010)
Flight Controls Engineer, Rockwell Collins

I joined Amity way back in 2006. As with anyone about to start a new chapter in life, I was both eager and anxious thinking what lay ahead. Slowly but surely I came to know that I had unwittingly come to one of the most diverse and energetic campuses in the heart of north India. I had joined the Electronics & Communications Engineering program at ASET, and during the first year itself made some friends for life. One of them is my business plan partner (Virtual Reality Platform) in California today. The training I received at the ECE department during the four years propelled me forward to a career comprised so far of exciting experiences at space exploration companies in the US and also at NASA. My word of advice to students in ECE department, is: Never quit on your dreams, no matter how lucrative or easy the other path seems.
He is currently working at Rockwell Collins, Inc. as Flight Controls Engineer (Boeing 777x).Completed MS in Aerospace Engineering from University of Colorado Boulder (USA). He also worked as an Intern at NASA - JPL (Curiosity Rover's stereo vision enhancement)

Arfi Alam, B.Techn - ECE (2006-2010)
Sub Director Regional, Majolica Trading C.I.S.A

I am Proud to be Amitian. Amity has truly given me quality education, Remarkable Professors and Friends for Life Time. Choosing to pursue my engineering degree at Amity University was one of the best decisions I've made. The program is not only educational but also interactive. The professors are great, too, and I love their open door policy. The professors spend considerable time mentoring and supporting us. They bring rich, diverse education and professional experiences into the classroom, passing their expertise on to us. It's great the engineering department has really helped me reach higher and go far.
Currently working at Majolica Trading C.I.S.A (Group company of Fortune Global Group)as Sub Director Regional (Heading USA, Colombia, Panama and Dominican Republic)

Omdeep Rai, B.Tech - ECE (2008-12)
Assistant Manager, Intex Technologies

Being part of Amity University was like living an education culture full of knowledge, and which creates an impression on your personality. I got lot of exposure to learn new developments in field of engineering and got opportunity to interact with many dignitaries. Under the guidance of our renowned faculties, I learnt to perform and achieve growth in career. I feel proud of being an ECE student from ASET.
He is currently working as Assistant Manager-Developments (Mobile), Intex Technologies India Ltd

Prerna Medhi, B.Tech - ECE(2011-15)
Working on 5G Vehicular Communication, Hamburg-Harburg

Dept. of ECE, ASET gave me a platform to develop my skills and knowledge to excel in the professional world. The well structured program of ECE taught by learned professors, good laboratories and tons of opportunities and facilities gave me an excellent exposure. Various additional courses like business communication, organizational behaviour and foreign language gave me an edge and proved very useful to help me step into the professional world and get job offers from companies like Emerson Process Management and Yokogawa Electric Co. The placement team of Amity is very helpful and helps students get placed in various companies and helped me to get placed in Aricent. Various student clubs help delve into various areas of interest and develops both technical and soft skills. I was the secretary of Institute of Engineering & Technology, Amity student chapter which improved my problem solving skills, leadership skills and team spirit I was awarded the Best in interpersonal skills and team spiritiual award. As an alumni, I am proud of Amity and ECE department! Joining Amity was till date the best decision of my life!
She is currently pursuing MSc Information and Communication Systems, Technical University Hamburg-Harburg working on 5G Vehicular Communication.

Vishal Gupta, B.Tech - ECE(2007-2011)
Manager at Genpact

Learning at Amity was the most amazing phase of my life. It was a blend of conceptual knowledge, and events & activities that helped me to explore my potential and push the boundaries. Interactive sessions with faculty and industry experts, research on projects, and industrial training helped to steepen my learning curve. I am thankful to my faculty members and companions because of whom I am able to deliver terrific performance at my workplace and experiencing accelerated career growth.
He is currently serving as a Manager at Genpact.

Ilika Sharma, B.Tech - ECE(2011-2015)
Core Engineer, Ericsson India Pvt. Ltd.

In the span of 4 years, Amity inculcated the spirit of motivation in me to rise above and achieve success in life. It has taught me to sail through hardships and withstand difficulties. "A firm belief in God will always keep you moving" is a lesson learnt by me from our esteemed founder Dr. Ashok K. Chauhan. Engineering was a wonderful experience for me, glorified with the help of supportive and motivating faculties of ECE dept. (ASET). I believe Amity will always welcome me as an alumnus and continue to prosper.
She is currently working as a Core Engineer, RINA OP CCD Network Design at Ericsson India Pvt. Ltd.

Nishtha Sharma, B.Tech - ECE (2007-11)
Research Assistant, Lincoln

I completed my Bachelor's in Technology in Electronics and Communications Engineering from Amity School of Engineering in 2011. I am forever indebted to my professors in ECE dept for the quality education and the motivation they gave to always dream bigger and achieve higher. They are highly-qualified and enthusiastic. It was during my 3rd year at Amity when I realized I wanted to go for higher education after several discussions with my professors and seniors at Amity. I owe my achievements to my undergraduate education. I have 2 publications in IEEE, 2 SRC publications, 1 journal paper and 1 patent filed.
She is currently research assistant, pursuing PhD in Electrical Engineering from University of Texas at Dallas and working on a funded project in collaboration with University of Buffalo and University of Nebraska, Lincoln.

Rajat Rastogi, B.Tech - ECE (2003-07)
Member Consulting Staff, Mentor Graphics Corporation

To all aspiring and wonderful Amitians! I miss my College Days and going to dearest teachers for getting all possible help. I realized that I have to study/concentrate/discuss/research/debate to take my career to certain level since checking was so realistic and syllabus was covering almost everything Continuous support and comments from all my teachers helped me making sure that I have to gear up on electronics stream, make my way to related stream only and do not get deviated by the served platter, watch and eat what you like and what suits you and your skills better. I have learned to evolve and graduate through the process and everything will follow. Make plans, small plans, put timelines in front of them and do your level best to achieve them. All the best :)
He is currently Member Consulting Staff at Mentor Graphics Corporation.

Malvika Sethi, B.Tech - ECE (2006-10)
Manager, Airtel

I pursued my B.Tech (ECE) from Amity in 2006-10. The great blend of students from diverse backgrounds and the amazing professors in this place facilitated great learning throughout my four years in this place.
She is currently working as a Manager at Airtel after completing MBA from IIM Kolkata.

Ankush Sharma, B.Tech - ECE (2006-10)
Senior Design Engineer, Aricent Technologies

After interacting with the ECE faculty I got the confidence that there are equally passionate for the VLSI as I was at that time. After seeing the ECE Labs as well as the syllabus pattern I was very impressed. So, it was a right decision to select ASET for studying ECE. The knowledge I gained during my engineering tenure has really helped me a lot to establish a right way for solving the issues during my work.
He is currently working as a Senior Design Engineer at Aricent Technologies.

Aayush Pathak, B.Tech - ECE (2006-10)
Pursuing MS in Electrical Engineering, University of Southern California

As a fresh matriculation graduate I joined the ASET Family in fall of 2006 with lot of excitement and anxiety about how the life would be at college and that too an engineering school. I had my own apprehensions while coming out of my comfort zone for the very first time. But, when I look back, my years at Amity, I do miss every moment I spent there, be it in the classrooms, with faculties or during the fest. I was a part of Electronics & Communication Engineering Department and had the best of the engineering training from best of the professors in the field. It was not only about formal class-training that helped me, but the informal discussions in professors office-hours helped me to streamline my field of study. And this focus helped me get into semiconductor design industry with a lot of confidence, where I did some my best work, especially at Cadence Design Systems and Fujitsu Semiconductors. This is how strong and skilled is the alumni network of Amity. For anyone who wishes to join ASET just live the following mantra, Think Good. Do Better. Be Great.
He is currently pursuing MS in Electrical Engineering and representing his school on one of the prestigious Entrepreneurial Competition at University of Southern California.

Anurag Jain, Amity Alumni (B.Tech 2012)
Software Engineer, Morpho

Since the first moment I came to Amity I was met with nothing but energy and enthusiasm. The strong academic programs, readily accessible faculty, Labs and a variety of student resources create an excellent learning environment for me to gain practical skills and most importantly, poise in the workplace. We get ample amount of opportunities to develop our all-round personalities not only through academic atmosphere but also through various co-curricular, cultural and sports activities�.Proud to be an alumni of Amity.
He is currently working as Software Engineer in Morpho.

Prateek Gulati, B.Tech - ECE (2010-2014)
Pursuing MBA in International Banking & Finance from IMT-Dubai

After 12th the new chapter of life begins and i am glad i choose Amity after that for my engineering. It was a wonderful experience studying at Amity University. The professors work very hard with the students to teach them the concepts and also the lab are equipped so well for us to practically implement the knowledge that we gain.
He is currently pursuing MBA in International Banking & Finance from IMT-Dubai.

Kshitij Srivastava, B.Tech - ECE (2010-14)
MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering at University of Delaware, USA

Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering at Amity University is one of those few departments that have grown tremendously over the past few years. Presence of some learned and highly experienced faculty members in the department has really made a huge difference not only in terms of standard of education but also in research work. I am happy that I was a part of one of the best research groups of the department and got the chance to co-author several research papers. I wish that ECE department continues to grow as it has been doing for the past several years.
Presently he is doing MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering at University of Delaware, USA.

Srishti Dubey, B.Tech - ECE (2010-2014)
Intern, Broadcom

The four wonderful years that I had spent at Amity not only helped me grow academically, but also helped me achieve professional goals significantly. I would like to thank the Department of ECE for giving me the chance to learn from and work with highly qualified professors. Both the course work and the project work has helped me to set up a strong foundation in Electronics and Communications Engineering. ECE department had also provided me the opportunities to polish my leadership skills. My tenure at Embedded and Robotics Club of ASET, and participation at several other extra curriculum has been extremely rewarding. B.Tech ECE program is well structured to help students excel in academics and develop leadership skills.
Currently, SrishtiDubey is pursuing her Masters in Computer Engineering with specialization in Digital VLSI and Computer Architecture from Arizona State University, AZ,USA. She is also working as an intern at Broadcom in the area of design and verification of ICs targeted towards GPs, and Touch Controllers.

Karan Anand, B.Tech - ECE (2010-2014)
Resident Networker, Sydney

The four years at Amity university were definitely the golden and most memorable years of my life . I believe it nurtured a carefree kid straight out of school into a responsible and practical adult. The ECE department boasts of state of the art labs and equipments which is definitely better than most of the universities in India. The teaching staff with years of experience bestowed us with the right knowledge and skills needed in practical world. I would like to make a special mention to digital communication system faculty as that transcribed to be one of my favourite subjects.Amity also gave me an opportunity to follow my hobbies along with rigorous engineering load . I was the president of the dramatics society of ASET which gave me an opportunity to show my leadership skills . Along with knowledge Amity gave me precious lifelong connections and friends. Wherever i will go in life or whatever ill achieve i will always be a proud amitian.
She is presently working as an intern in product validation team at Cadence design system.

Udit Narula, M.Tech - VLSI (2013-2015)
Pursuing Ph.D at Chang Gung University, Taiwan

I am proud to be a part of Amity Family as this prestigious Institution has given me the right platform to excel and come out with flying colors. It was Amity University which acted as a launchpad to create an opportunity for me to complete my Masters' project in one of the Top Ranked Universities in the World which is Nanyang Technology University, Singapore. I have maintained the good reputation given to me by Amity University of being a Topper till date as I have been performing really well in academics. I hope to learn and excel more and will always be grateful and thankful to Amity group for everything I have and will achieve.
Currently Mr. Udit Narula is pursuing PhD degree in the field of Nano Materials in Chang Gung University, Taiwan

Dhrubha Ghosh, M.Tech - VLSI (2013-2015)

I am thankful to Amity University, Noida for giving the platform to continue my research work during my M. Tech (2013-2015, VLSI). I have also completed my summer internship in IIT, Delhi as a research fellow in 2014, summer and completed my M. Tech dissertation in Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata in 2015. My M. Tech dissertation was filed as patent on 5th June , 2015 and won the IEEE Innovation Award as among the 12 finalists all over India for my patent on 22nd December, 2015 from IEEE, Kolkata Section. I have also got IEEE nomination for Engineering Excellence Award from IEEE and applied for it.
She has got Phd admission in Stanford University and will join in July 2016 in the department of Electrical Engineering.

Mr Shailen Tewathia, M.Tech ECE, Batch 2013-15
Reviewer, (ASIC Series Publication)

It has been a great experience for me to be a part of Amity University, the research opportunity and infrastructure is really awesome here. Amity University has a lot of tie-ups with foreign universities with which one can be part of these institutions for further studies. We have a good experience with faculty members there.
Currently Mr. Shailen Tewathia is working as Switch Engineer at Tata Communication Gurgaon, Haryana.

Kiran Rawat, M.Tech - VLSI (2013-2015)
Intern, Cadence Design System

I am thankful to Amity University, Noida for giving me the platform to work in one of the brand names of VLSI industry. My seven research papers are published in IEEE and one in Springer under the guidance of faculty of Amity University. Amity University has also rewarded me with a merit certificate and a gold medal for being topper in M.Tech VLSI 2013-2015 batch. I would like to thank my family, my mentor, my teachers, my friends and Amity University for supporting me a lot and for being part of my success.
Currently Ms. Kiran Rawat is working as an intern in product validation team at Cadence design system, Noida from June 2015.

Abhijee Dasgupta, M.Tech - ECE (2011-2013)
Scientific Researcher and PhD Scholar in Composants Circuits Signaux

I am thankful to Amity University, Noida, and the faculty of the ECE department for providing the appropriate guidance and motivation to continue my research work. During my tenure in Amity, I have filed one patent and published 9 papers. I have also been nominated for the Commonwealth Scholarship Plan by the Ministry of Human Resource and Development, Government of India for pursuing doctoral studies in the UK and is the nominee of Leeds International Research Scholarship and Swansea University Country Manager fellowship.
He is currently working as Scientific Researcher and PhD scholar in Composants Circuits Signaux et Syst�mes Hautes Fr�quences (C2S2) research group in the XLIM laboratory in the University of Limoges, France.

Manish Kumar, Shashwat Bhattacharya Jyoti Satija and B. Nirmaljit Sharma at National Tsing Hua University.
(M.Tech VLSI 2013-2015)

Shashwat Bhattacharya
I have studied at Amity for six years completing my Bachelors and Masters. It is the best thing to have happened to me. Got my first job in a reputed firm in Bachelors. After working, I came back to pursue my higher studies here at Amity in VLSI. Amity gives a very good environment for study as well as fun. If a person is willing, he can get a lot of opportunities while you study in Amity. Sujata Ma'am has guided me a lot during my stay at Amity along with other teachers and friends.
He is currently a Ph.D Scholar In NEMS Department at National Tsing Hua University.

Jyoti Satija
Amity has provided us a lot of resources. It's a place where we had fun along with getting a lot of knowledge. Teachers of Amity are very helpful. My life in Amity has been wonderful and Amity is the reason that I am here today in National Tsing Hua University doing my Ph.D. It has given me a platform to showcase my talent. All thanks to Amity.
She is currently a PhD Scholar In NEMS Department at National Tsing Hua University.

B. Nirmaljit Sharma
Amity has helped us a lot in becoming an individual who can be successful in their respective fields.
He is currently a PhD Scholar in ESS Department at National Tsing Hua University.

Preetpal Singh
M. Tech VLSI 2011- 2013

I did my masters degree in VLSI from Amity University, Noida. I feel honored for this opportunity and it helped me to achieve my goals in my respective field. In my first years of PhD, I have got 3 journal papers published in reputed international journals like IEEE transactions and Elsevier and few others are under review. I have several international conferences including ICMAT 2016 in SUNTEC, Singapore. I am a part of Semi Lab and Center for Reliability Sciences. I have also filed a patent this year which is under revision. I am also a reviewer for international journals like IEEE and Elsevier.
Currently Mr. Preetpal Singh is pursuing PhD degree in the field of Nano Materials and Opto Electronics in Chang Gung University, Taiwan.

Sharmistha Sinha
M. Tech VLSI 2011- 2013

I joined NXP soon after I passed out from Amity, I feel very thankful to Amity. Starting from wide variety of subjects literature, required in VLSI industry, to laboratories, where faculty always gave the right amount of information, to NTCC, which enhances the students knowledge to much more extent, to internship, the combination makes the student very fit to adapt in a VLSI environment. The range of choices Amity provided for optional subjects, also helped. For me, the subjects helped my interests grow towards summer internship project and based on which I did my Dissertation in Masamb Electronics Pvt. Ltd., whose exposure in turn helped me to get through NXP Semiconductors India Pvt. Ltd. All this was never possible without the timely valuable suggestions from the faculty. Also, courses like Communication skills and Behavioral Science made me able to interact like a professional in this industry.
Currently Ms. Sharmistha Sinha is working as Design Engineer at NXP Semiconductors India Pvt. Ltd.

Shashwat Bhattacharya
M.Tech - VLSI (2013-2015)

I have studied at Amity for six years completing my Bachelors and Masters. It is the best thing to have happened to me. Got my first job in a reputed firm in Bachelors. After working, I came back to pursue my higher studies here at Amity in VLSI. Amity gives a very good environment for study as well as fun. If a person is willing, he can get a lot of opportunities while you study in Amity. Sujata Ma'am has guided me a lot during my stay at Amity along with other teachers and friends. Currently in my PHD also many things that I learned from Amity is helping me in my day to day endeavors.
Currently Shashwat is pursuing his Doctoral Degree from National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan. He is enrolled in the department Institute of Nano-engineering and Microsystems (iNEMS), where he is doing research in the field of CMOS Nano electromechanical systems based sensors working for RF MEMS Lab.

M.Tech (ECE) 2011-2013

Amity focus immensely on research and practical scenario so as to get students in core technical field. Life at amity has been of an international exposure and believes in higher output. I have published an IEEE paper in SPIN 2016 on "Neural Network Based Skeleton recognition and Sudoku Solving". I did my six months dissertation Internship in ST Microelectronics, Greater Noida 2015. I did the Live implementation of Home Automation in Noida under Shivaks info Technologies as a part of Summer Internship, 2015
Currently Mr. Sharad Tiwari is working as Junior Research Fellow at Amity University, Noida in a project as a part of Department of Science and Technology (Government of India).

Krippy Kakkar
M.Tech [Embedded Systems Technology] Batch 2013-2015

Joining the M.Tech course at Amity University turned out to be the biggest benchmark in my academic as well as professional growth. The highly skilled professors and teachers left no stones untouched in providing the best guidance in shaping my career. The M.Tech course curriculum was structured covering all the various domains of Embedded Systems. The faculty helped each one of us in getting the best industry exposure for Internship as well as placements. As an Alumni I feel proud of being a part of such a big University and would like to thank the entire ASET Department for their support and also would like to be associated with the University in the best possible ways
Currently Ms. Krippy Kakkar is working as an R&D Engineer at Magneti Marelli India. It is an automotive company where she is working in the development and validation of high end cars by FIAT, Ferari and Maserati.

M.Tech [Embedded Systems Technology] Batch 2013-2015

I have completed my six month internship from ST Microelectronics. I am thankful for University to give me such a platform where I enhance my technical and professional skills.
Currently Mr. Rudra Pratap Singh is working as an R&D Engineer at Magneti Marelli India

Sonal Jain
M.Tech [Embedded Systems Technology] Batch 2013-2015

Amity University is itself a whole world. The faculty here has boundless energy for working together to help students succeed. They are the one who inspired us to think differently about the world and who set us on the path to where we are today. I still feel an integral part of the university. ASET department is an excellent blend of experience, knowledge and skills that give every student the opportunity and the can-do passion for all round development. The department had given me exposure and motivation to indulge in research work and also with the opportunity to publish two technical papers in IEEE conference.
Currently Ms. Sonal Jain is working as R&D Engineer at Su-Kam Power Systems Ltd., Gurgaon, Haryana.

Deepak Kumar
M.Tech [Embedded Systems Technology] Batch 2013-2015

AMITY University enables an individual to excel in every possible area, by doing their overall development. My journey at AMITY has been really delightful. The ECE (ASET) department supports every single student to their every single issue and their support has been really great for me too. Faculties of ASET are really great in terms of their knowledge and experience, which gets highlighted when they share their knowledge with us. Apart from the academics, the co-curricular and extracurricular activities help a student to groom in a much better way. My journey at AMITY will always remain close to my heart. Thanks AMITY!
Currently Mr. Deepak is working as Graduate Engineer Trainee at Magneti Marelli India Pvt Ltd (subsidary of Fiat Chrysler Automobile).