Artificial intelligence is simulation of machines/systems having human cognition-like behaviours, such as sensing, learning, interacting, analysing, decision-making, and responding in a physical and social context. AI has a diversified role in all sections of technology, which is poised to improve both the way we work and we live.


To create an innovative curriculum that can produce high-quality graduates with enhanced knowledge base and abilities of artificial intelligence to meet the society s evolving requirements. To maintain an extraordinary faculty committed to excellence in teaching and learning at undergraduate and postgraduate level that can contribute to national advancement through high-quality research and publications


Machine learning, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, Robotics, and Cyber-Security, etc. are among the key areas of Artificial Intelligence curriculum at Amity University. All of our faculties and students work closely together both within and outside of the institution, incorporating several research-based applications of AI in multiple streams of Engineering and Technology like Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics and Civil Engineering.



Prof. Dr. Archana Singh
Head of Department,
Department of AI
Amity University Noida

AI is a brave new world, transforming the perception and functions of the industry, government, social interactions, and research. The Department of AI welcomes you to create and collaborate with Artificial Intelligence. We provide a coherent curriculum that defines and strengthens the basics and innovates along the industry 4.0 trends. Project based learning and hands-on experience provided via research and internship enriches the knowledge and creative thinking of students. We are proud to say that our department prioritizes education, training, research, and various extracurricular activities for the holistic growth of our students.

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