Department of Computer Science & Engineering was formed in 2003 at Amity University, Noida. Since its inception, the department has been recognized all over the world for excellence in research and teaching. It also provides a supportive, friendly and challenging environment for teaching, learning and research.

Today, the Department has a vibrant student body numbering about more than 2500 students and many eminent professors with PhD/PhD pursuing. The Department also offers several attractive international exposures in terms of student exchange program, Industrial Internship, Minor Project and Major Project for UG and PG Programs.

Department is nurtured by its clubs/committee and research groups. These clubs offer students the chance to gain experience in their interest areas and network with their peers. Each research group holds regular meetings and hold seminars to discuss current research topics and results.

Data science: where curiosity meets analysis, and complexity meets clarity, shaping the landscape of tomorrow

Imagine an assignment without Google or a day without any social networking site?

Software Working is now a part of daily life from our pocket mobile set to big software. Aren’t we?

Imagine the miracles CSE offers to understand how the world stands around a small chip

Supercomputer: What it sounded like before you bought it?

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HoI's Message

AMITY School of Engineering and Technology aim to develop globally adaptable professionals with social sensitivity. The institute is all set to bring out the potential within each student and provide proper guidance so that their potentials can be utilized to make them future engineers capable of meeting any challenge that will be faced by them after leaving the university. The university provides full support to improve their communication skills, critical thinking abilities, moral values and sense of responsibility.
All efforts are made to improve the creativity and problem solving abilities of the students so that they can contribute their best to the society and the country.
Today we are all witnessing the impact of globalization and liberalization. It is true that the technological transformation has impacted all our lives. In this era of globalization and liberalization there are lot many challenges. As an academic institute it is necessary to address these challenges. At institute level we are constantly taking efforts to ensure that our students will showcase their academic talent with high moral values. Our students being Engineers will contribute and for sure will keep Social Commitment. Faculty-members guide and monitor students by participating in their academic, research, sports & cultural pursuits. We want our students to be committed, dedicated to their goals along with integrity and concern for the environment and rural society they live in.
We rely on a pedagogy that promotes creativity and innovation and teaching-learning practices of high standards. Creativity flourishes in an atmosphere that is free, friendly and above all, democratic and participatory in nature. Every course is designed, delivered and monitored in a manner that will add a significant value to a student. We equally emphasize on the development of core human values, mental well-being and physical well-being of our students.

Prof. (Dr.) Manoj Kumar Pandey
Director - Amity School of Engineering & Technology
Professor, Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering