Highest Package- 52 LPA (p.a) Average Package -6.3 LPA (p.a)
  • Aricent
  • Wipro
  • Igate
  • FORD
  • HeadStrong
  • Virtusa
  • Indus Valley
  • Zycus
  • NIIT Technologies
  • NTT Data
  • EXL Service
  • Phronesis
  • Grapecity
  • pwc
  • promon
  • IndiaMart
  • CenturyLink
  • Rockwell Collins
  • M/S Market Plus
  • Kuhene Nagel
  • Cloudways
  • Amazon
  • Google
  • Appwrite
  • Palo Alto Networks
  • Commvault
  • Morgan Stanley
  • Cisco
  • MTX Group
  • MTX IT Consulting Services Private Limited
  • INE
  • Cisco Syatems India
  • Royal Dutch Shell PLC
  • Amadeus Software Labs India Pvt. Ltd.
  • ZS Associaltes
  • Shell India
  • MTX
  • Zopsmart
  • RateGain
  • polaris
  • PayU
  • Tech Mahindra
  • Iconma
  • Ernst & Young
  • Good Through
  • Genpact
  • Yamaha
  • Posist
  • EXL Service
  • J K Technosoft
  • Droidshift
  • Indain Navy
  • Indian Air Force
  • Arete Gaming Pvt ltd
  • SIS
  • Think & Learn
  • Stratbeans
  • TBI Online
  • To the New Digital
  • Global Logic
  • Microsoft
  • NEC
  • McAfee Software India Pvt Ltd
  • SHL
  • TSYS, A Global Payments Company
  • SAP Labs
  • Precisely Software and Data India Private Limited
  • Absolute Foods
  • Ultragenic Research and Technologies
  • Accolite Digital
  • PureSoftware
  • Zaggle Prepaid Ocean Services
  • BirdEye
  • Thales
  • Capgemini
  • Amity University
  • IndiaMART InterMESH Ltd.
  • Glorious inshights

B.Tech CSE Section - CSE9 2019-2023 Placed at Palo Alto Networks as SDE (61.75LPA)

My three years journey at Amity University is truly memorable. When I first joined the university, I was naïve and underconfident. Amity provides me with a platform for my scholastic and co-scholastic development. I got a lot of exposure to learning about new technologies through conferences, technical events, international collaboration, and meetups held at the ASET department. They also encouraged me to take part in hackathons and with their support and believe I’ve won some of the competitions and learned a lot from these opportunities. Amity University has played an immense role in my success..

Aditya Nagyal
CSE 9, B.Tech CSE 2019-2023 Placed at Palo Alto Networks as SDE (61.75 LPA)

Amity University is itself an entire world on its own. It enables an individual to excel in every possible area, by doing their overall development. My journey at Amity has been challenging, exciting and motivating. I thank my faculty for ensuring we are covered and up to date on all important topics and the placement cell for their invaluable efforts in attracting the top companies to our campus, allowing us to shine.

Simran Khanna
A2305218101 Batch 2019-2022 Palo Alto Networks (CTC- 36.5 Lakhs)

It's been a great journey with Amity University. In my time here I've always found the university giving its best to the students when it comes to education, placements and non-academics. I've felt motivated all throughout the academic years with Amity because of the continuous support from the professors and the strong culture that amity has built for students. It was everyone's support and wishes that I was able to grab an opportuity to work with Palo Alto Networks when Amity presented me with it. The experience with the university was no less than the best that one can expect. The growth I've experienced not just in my technical skills but interpersonal as well is all thanks to Amity's curriculum where the focus in laid on everything required to enter the industry and excel.

A2305218043 Batch 2019-2022 CISCO (CTC- 19.5 Lakhs)

I feel great studying at Amity as it provides a great opportunity as well as support from faculties and placement officers. Getting placed in Amazon is a great achievement for me for which I would like to thank Amity University. To keep students motivated in academics, Amity provides a great scholarship program. This is a place where you will always try to push your limits and excel in your domain.

Manish Bishnoi
A2305218529 Batch 2019-2022 Amazon (CTC- 52 Lakhs)

I feel great studying at Amity as it provides a great opportunity as well as support from faculties and placement officers. Getting placed in Amazon is a great achievement for me for which I would like to thank Amity University. To keep students motivated in academics, Amity provides a great scholarship program. This is a place where you will always try to push your limits and excel in your domain.

DEVIKA SONI, 2018-2022 B.Tech CSE

 Amity University is dedicated towards its responsibility of imparting its students with a strong foundation and a platform for the empirical inquisition, a catalyst for vital and tantalising gateway to the contours of the electrifying experience to haven had an opportunity to grow and conspire. Speaking of which, it alarms me upon the placements, I've gauged under the umbrella of amity : Accenture, TCS , Fis Global , JSW(Jindal south west) , Amdocs, Rategain. The business environment today requires efficient handling of complex, highly unpredictable situations. By providing an excellent mix of highly qualified faculty and unmatched course content, Amity ensures that the students are well prepared to step into this volatile corporate world and occupy positions of stature. Triagenda to gametes of opportunities to learn towards the corporate world. Amitians gauge and garner keywords such as intelligence,drive, ambition, leadership, a sense of purpose, adaptability to change. An amalgamation of its students and its faculty, the academic rigour and all-round development, comprehensive curriculum and the way in which it is delivered and imbibing the Institute of choice for International and domestic recruiters.I'd gauged a summer internship at Rategain (Travel and business intelligence company ) under the contours of Amity university. Internships are an utterly enthralling possibility to revolutionise the world and beyond. Profoundly privileged and my utter pleasure to express my gratitude for all the guidance and support throughout the timestamp at AMITY! With the experiential experience curtailing the avenues of invention, optimization, invention and construct yet the ordinary to the extraordinary. It helped to create, read and update skills and brush the ante of loop of technology and innovation. Chaired as a class representative(2018-2022), Student placement coordinator for ATPC (Amity technical placement centre) and CRC (Corporate resource centre ) (2018-2022) under the shadows of Amity university to root productivity as a whole! Scale force the entire transition of having skyrocketing success throughout the vibrance of the learnings riveted for making students industry ready professionals. The values and principles are excellence in service, through innovation, by people who care. Amitians are recognized in terms of outstanding professional passion, reliability, commitment, communication, marvel compassion., remarkable leadership., strong work ethic, teamwork, time management, leadership and last but not the least integrity. It is also a token of appreciation for the part I've played in making Amity a pioneering success. Utterly in gratitude an iota of Student coordinator, Master of ceremonies, Convenor, Art and design strokes stationed and chaired almost 5000+ spectators thus gauged and garnered excellence in realms for the academic year 2018-2022. As one of the leading global universities, Amity family made me redefine myself as a visionary, outrageously electrifying technology driven yet multi driven extremely creative and craftingly innovative being.

Kudos! With the triagenda to accept, teach and nurture Amitians and prepare them for the future corporate world which awaits us. Amity being part of my journalizing journey throughout yet teaching life lessons to eternity!




Haven had learned countless endeavours during the timestamp at Amity. Furtherwhich! I really am profoundly grateful to chair upon as a class representative (2018-2022), student placement coordinator for corporate resource centre ( CRC ), student placement coordinator ( ATPC ) (2018-2022) and lastly devoured as an executive position(Core member cum social media head) in the official music society of ASET DEPARTMENT (DASP) . AMITY has given me a basket of opportunities to cherish and relish with the key essentials such as the dedication, persistence, master of ceremonies for confluences , conferences. I've gauged upon placements under the umbrella of Amity University such as Accenture and cognizant. Amity family has quenched my quest and outlined yet enhanced my vitae wholly!Whereby! A plethora of knowledge, that passionate, challenging yet inspiring rat in me has awakened in me by the contours of Amity University. Speaking of which on that note amity designs provides a platform and create future leaders in the tech field. Rooting innovation to bringout success, a means to expand their skills in professional world, and work on their leadership to expand their skills in professional work on their leadership and personal skills to showcase their talent before the world.Whereby! It brushed my roots bringing about valuable experiences to cherish and helped me build a strong foundation for an amazing start.Enlightened by igniting, yet a 'reimagination' of myself into the tech world.


Royal Dutch Shell

Quintessence of conquest to technology and academia!

Gauged and garnered mass appeal under the umbrella of Amity University. Placed at Royal Dutch shell via Amity placement cell (ATPC) ! Amidst the zeal and zest for amitians to change the world via knowledge and skill. Beguiled rivetingly with fresh minds nurtured by our faculties, mentors, processors and Amity family. Utterly elated and can vouge under Amity that defines the science and technology landscape with the pinnacle of the studenthood alike me! Kudos! The timestamp at Amity.


Quintessence of conquest to technology and academia!

Gauged and garnered mass appeal under the umbrella of Amity University. Placed at Royal Dutch shell via Amity placement cell (ATPC) ! Amidst the zeal and zest for amitians to change the world via knowledge and skill. Beguiled rivetingly with fresh minds nurtured by our faculties, mentors, processors and Amity family. Utterly elated and can vouge under Amity that defines the science and technology landscape with the pinnacle of the studenthood alike me! Kudos! The timestamp at Amity.


Ayush Agarwal
B.Tech 8 CSE 8Y
2016 - 2020

My four years at Amity have indeed been a captivating journey just like a fresher imagines a college life to be. Be it any sphere of learning i.e. academics or extracurriculars, I was provided with the endless opportunities which helped me in my overall personality development hence resulting to be an essential asset. The excellent infrastructure provided every possible resource I needed, whether it was a well-equipped library or a sports complex for bursting stress. Amity also financially supported me by offering a 100% scholarship based on my academic merit for the entire duration of my course at the university. International exposure through projects and conferences made my experience even more enriching which eventually added up in my professional growth. During my final year, I was selected for an Internship + Full-time role as an Associate Software Engineer at Sabre Corporation, which adds up as a major achievement in my portfolio. My advice to every student would be to remain consistent, determined, and focussed so much so that you put in continuous efforts towards what you want to achieve in life.

Rishabh Shukla
Batch - 2016-20
Placed in Google
11.3 lac CTC per annum

I learned a lot in my time at the University. From cultural clubs to technical events and to international collaboration, everyone gets a lot of exposure and opportunities to grow here.
I am a big admirer of the culture and environment Amity University provides. I found that if a student pushes themselves in learning something and is willing to look for support, they will get a lot of help from the awesome faculty team and other staff members. Also because of continuous support and guidance of Amity University, I was able to get such an opportunity to get a job at Google.

Jigyasa Handa
B.Tech CSE(2016-2020)

Amity University has played a vital role in the growth and achievement I have made so far in my life . From supportive professors to perfect work culture of the organisation has helped me reach a platform where i could showcase my talent and skills to organisations like 'Royal Dutch Shell PLC' , one of the oil and gas "supermajors" and the third-largest company in the world, and get an opportunity to work as a software IT engineer at a starting package of 10 lakhs in Shell.
Amity also made me practically execute and learn new things and made me inquisitive to research on new, latest topics resulting in me writing a few research and review papers to add on to my knowledge and skills. The credit for my confidence and hardworking spirt goes to my universe- Amity universe.

Vipul Gupta
Working remotely with London based company

The dictionary defines superlative as: of the highest kind, quality, or order, surpassing all else, or others. Supreme. The sheer amount of personal, and professional development I have had at Amity University is what I term as 'Supreme'. This institution provided me support, skills, scholarship, guidance at key points throughout my 4-year journey of pursuing my B.Tech degree. Whether that would be for sponsoring me at prestigious international hackathons like HackMIT to supporting me for attending international conferences like PyCon US and Mozfest. I am grateful for the positive initiatives and opportunities provided by Amity Univesity for students to promote excellence in every field. Moreover, leading the ALiAS community and running the successful GSoC AMA program gave me a chance to grow as a leader and help spearhead open-source culture at Amity University. During my summer internships, I contributed to many open-source projects with Google Summer of Code as well as built technical projects for clients as a freelancer, polishing my soft skills by working with the communities in Delhi-NCR.

In the end, all efforts lead to fruition, as I received offers from highly acclaimed MNC's and startups such as Google, TravisCI, and Accenture. I accepted an offer and started working remotely as a software engineer at Balena along with working on my own initiative, Mixster to build better documentation for startups. Looking back, I feel lost for words to thank my teachers, mentors, peers, and ALiAS family at Amity University who played a major role in helping me where I am right now both as a professional and as a better human being.

Swati Singh
B.Tech - CSE - 2016-2020
Cisco Systems
16.3 lpa + Additional Benefits

Amity University provides a platform not only for intensive professional development but also for our rigorous personal development. The courses that I took, be it, core-tech classes, foreign language, or behavioral classes, collectively played a crucial in my journey of becoming a passionate tech enthusiast. I am extremely thankful to my HOD Prof. Abhay Bansal for supporting me when I traveled to San Jose for a hackathon. This goes to show how Amity is leaving no stone unturned in motivating students to achieve their goals, whatever that may be. At Amity, students are encouraged to expand their horizons, explore global opportunities, and become the leaders of today.

I am glad to tell you that I have accepted an offer from Cisco as an Associate Solutions Engineer. Thank you to Amity and everybody else who supported me throughout the process!

Mohsin Alam
B.Tech - CSE - 2016-2020
Cisco Systems

I joined Cisco soon as an intern in January in my 8th semester and finally got full-time at Cisco as well, I feel very thankful to Amity as the university was a Netacad partner for Cisco and I participated in the first ever ideathon organized by Cisco and was one of the finalists. Starting my university journey back in 2016 from a wide variety of subjects required in the IT field, to laboratories, which were fun and amazing, to NTCC and finally to internships, these combinations make a student very fit to adapt in the corporate world. My journey so far was amazing with a lot of learning. I was a part of various clubs which dealt with different fields like photography or just IT stuff. Amity is a place for all activities you want and has an immense pool of talent. The environment in Amity helps you grow as an individual and affect your overall personality development. I look forward to many more aspiring students like me chasing their dreams and making them a reality.

Mr Lakshya
CSE 2017-21
CISCO - Associate Systems Engineer
16.5 LPA + Benefits

On my first day at Amity I was told, "Amity is what you make of it". As a 1st year student, I did not understand the meaning of this phrase, but today as I am about to graduate, this phrase has become an important part of my success. From being encouraged to pursue research in my first year itself to receiving multiple offers from leading companies like CISCO, SAP Labs, ZS Associates, and more, Amity and specifically ASET have helped me form a strong foundation for my success. I have published 5 research papers, participated in conferences of repute, curated events such as TEDxAmityUniversity and pursued complex projects that interest me. As I graduate from Amity soon and join CISCO as an Associate Systems Engineer, I carry with myself gratitude and pleasant memories of success, friendship, and challenges. Amity is what you make of it, it is a bustling campus of thousands of students with major ambitions, all working towards a common goal with the support of peers, faculties, mentors, and administrators and it has been a pleasure for me to be a part of this university.

Avinash Srivastava, B.Tech(CSE)
Big Data Analyst Lead,British Gas Group - Centrica Plc, UK
Salary: Rs 36 Lakh pa

Amity University has a great curriculum backed by excellent faculty and world class infrastructure. The most exciting thing about the university is its ability to give the students international exposure. I really want to thank Prof. (Dr.) Abhay Bansal who took this brilliant initiative to send the students to Purdue University,USA. He has been instrumental in building partnership with foreign universities. Purdue university helped me to get true international exposure. The Senior design project module was very well planned and executed by Purdue. Dr. Jai P. Agarwal at Purdue was very practical and helpful with his feedback.

He also gave us excellent emotional support as most of the students were travelling abroad for the first time. Overall, I have had great experience and learning curve with Amity and Purdue University.

Aditya Pan,B.Tech CSE
Product Developer, Titansoft Pte. Ltd., Singapore
Salary - 23 Lacs pa

Department of Computer Science have grown tremendously over the past few years. Amity has given us more than what we have expected. I could never dream to do my project from SLAC, Stanford University and National University of Singapore. But Amity has given me such wonderful opportunity through their very strong International Student Exchange Program.

While working as a researcher in National University of Singapore, Singapore as a part of my major project, I gained a lot of valuable experiences and knowledge. I understood how to think on a global scale and how to interact with different people. Most invaluably I gained confidence and the desire to work harder.

It was an amazing experience where not only I got to learn a lot, but also got the opportunity to work on projects, interact with professors from other universities, undertake internships and publish papers in IEEE and Springer, but most importantly had fun while doing it. I gained experiences which will be with me for the rest of my life. Notably I got to be a part of a team of students selected to work with Stanford University as a part of a collaboration project and that provided me with invaluable experience.

Rahat Khanna, B.Tech � CSE)
FLIPKART,Senior UI Developer
Salary- - 22 Lacs pa

Amity has provided an amazing environment for me to grow. I joined in back 2008 and I always had a tickle towards entrepreneurship and wanted to run my own company. Amity Innovation Incubator accepted me in their excellent student incubation programme where not only I was provided with world class infrastructure but I was also mentored throughout my startup journey. I had catered to multiple large scale clients and delivered excellent services.

I still remember the day our batch stood first step in ASET campus and I felt like a new bud in the herd of sheep starting to take a new journey. Indeed it was a life-changing journey with excellent mentors in the form of our teachers and the learning of wisdom we imbibed during the 4 years spent here. The practical training was the best I could get which enabled me to become a capable engineer and enabled me to bootstrap my career in the Industry.

Zia Ahmed, B.Tech � CSE)
Mana National Executive Officer, UNESCO

During my 4 year degree course at Amity I was exposed to a plethora of opportunities that improved my academic skills, built my self-confidence and help improve my overall personality. The Behavioral Science and Communication Skills classes which were a part of our course was something unheard-of, yet remarkable in itself - this always gave me the extra edge during my interviews and won my employer's confidence. With the able guidance of an outstanding faculty cum mentors I at Amity was always motivated to strive for something extra, to keep the hunger for success going and to always stand out from the crowd. The option to take up certified courses on Six Sigma Green Belt, TQM, IT Service Management and many others within the campus premises further helped me in improving my employability. In short I am not just a software engineer with a B.Tech in CSE from Amity University but a leader, a dreamer and a conqueror - great at problem solving and capable of delivering yeoman service to the society at large. Due to the confidence instilled in me by the institute I take pride in considering myself as someone who is capable at adding value to any organization.

Because of Industry ready curriculum of ASET, I was able to perform best in my first Job at Wipro that I received the "Best New Joinee" award from Wipro for quick ramp up in new technologies like MVC3, HTML5, and WCF and also for becoming Microsoft certified specialist in HTML5. Received a "Champion at Work" certificate of recognition from Wipro for showing excellent learning abilities and explaining the team about Cloud Computing concepts.

Currently I am working in Manage,IT Services in TATA Steel Ltd.