Department of Computer Science & Engineering in collaboration with NITTTR-Chandigarh (Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India) organized a 5-day Workshop on "Open Source Technologies" from 29th August to 2nd September, 2016 at Amity University, Noida

ICT based technology provides the learners with an environment that allows them to distribute their studies in terms of place, time and pace, and most importantly, this technology enables experts from various disciplines to share their views with the learners. Amity University, Noida has been constantly taking advantages of such technologies which can be fruitful for students as well as the faculty and Staff Members.

The ICT based-5 day workshop from 29th August to 2nd September 2016, on "Open Source Technologies" kick started on the 29th of August at A-Block auditorium in Amity University Noida where all the faculties of ASET gathered for professional development and to enhance their learning about education. The program was a hit with 31 participants from Amity University, Noida, who responded enthusiastically and were the vital role-players in the program being so successful. The program was conducted with sincere efforts and endeavors of Prof. (Dr.) Abhay Bansal, Joint Acting Head, ASET, Director DICET & Head, CSE and left no stone unturned in ensuring the program is inevitable success and was well coordinated by Mr. Tanupriya Choudhury and Mrs. Arashdeep Kaur.

The objectives of the workshop: To understand Open Source Software (FOSS), Benefits, Market perspectives; To understand Open Source Cloud Computing, Different Service Model and its working; To learn apache server and PHP; Introduction to MySql; To learn connectivity between PHP application and MySql; To learn Open source DATA mining tools; To learn Linux as Open Source; To learn Web Server Security were very well met.

The leacture on introduction to PHP and mysql

Participants at ‘Open Source Technologies’worshop

Spoken Tutorial on Linux

The Linux club of the Computer Science & Engineering Department, ASET organized an event called Spoken Tutorials. It was an official Spoken Tutorial event where the knowledgeable guides from IIT - Bombay collaborated with the students and faculty and gathered together via video call on Skype to talk about the basics of Linux and projects of Linux as well as the contributions in the Open Source Software that are already done. The goal of the event was to encourage students to learn Linux and contribute to Open Source Software. The event witnessed 187 attendees, mostly on first come first serve basis, consisting mostly of computer science students.

“Sparks 2013”

An event “SPARKS 2013” was organized by the ACE Club of the Computer Science & Engineering Department, ASET on July 25, 2013 under the guidance of faculty coordinator Ms. Arashdeep Kaur and Ms. Garima Mehta and Student Coordinators : Sagar Solanki, Kannav Mahajan, Kanika Kapoor, Shubham Aggarwal, Priya, Nikita, Ratnanjali. The event was organized for first year students of Computer Science Department, to give them an exposure to the active club events and activities. A grand total of 113 students actively participated in the event from 8 sections of first year. The event was a quiz and included aptitude and technical questions. Top 5 students from the total strength, who scored the maximum marks in the quiz were given accolades and certificates.

Workshop on “Origami”

Origami is the traditional Japanese art of paper folding which is popular all over the world especially amongst youngsters. Origami has now been evolved into a modern art form. To give practical exposure of this art form to the students, Amity University in association with Japan Foundation organized one day workshop on Origami. Mr. Katsuma Doi, Director General – The Japan Foundation, New Delhi, Ms. Machiko Yamamura, Assistant Director – The Japan Foundation, Ms. Miyuki Kawamura- Origami Expert, Maj. Gen. R.K. Dhawan, Advisor – International Affairs Division, Amity University were present during the workshop.
Prof.(Dr.) Abhay Bansal, Head of Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Faculty members and students of Amity School of Engineering & Technology actively attended the workshop to learn about this evolving modern art.

Windows 8 Student Conclave

Department of Computer Science and Engineering organized an event “Windows 8 Student Conclave” on 28-29 October, 2013. Increasing efficiency of students at work and out of their classrooms is no doubt extremely important. Windows 8 can be of great help, be it taking notes in classes and sharing it with peers. Microsoft technology gives the students valuable tools which they can use to make themselves more viable in terms of technology and competence. Apart from popular Office 2010 suite consisting of Word, Excel, Power point, some extremely interactive tools have been added in Windows 8 to enhance efficiency and lessen burden.
This conclave intends to effectively demonstrate the benefits of Windows 8 via interactive sessions, helping students march ahead in their careers. In addition to making the students more efficient with presentations and reports, the sessions will also give them an advantage at work as they would be more equipped to utilize latest technology.

Workshop on ‘Student Project Management Workshop’

Department of Computer Science and Engineering organized a workshop on “Software Project Management Workshop” on 15th October, 2013. This workshop was attended by the final year students on B. Tech (ECE/MAE/E&T). The invited speakers to this workshop were faculty members of CS&E department: Ms. Abha Thakral Sachdev; Ms. Divya Gupta; Ms. Arashdeep Kaur; Ms. Arunima Jaiswal; Ms Misha Kakkar

ALiAs Club of Computer Science & Engineering Department, ASET organized a 1 day workshop on ‘Open Source Conf’

Prof. (Dr.) Abhay Bansal, HOD, CSE Department, ASET) with all the volunteers and coordinators from ALiAS Club.

ALiAs Club, Department of Computer Science & Engineering, Amity School of Engineering & Technology, Amity University Uttar Pradesh, organized ‘Open Source Conf’ on theme, ‘Python and Data Science’ on 20th Aug, 2014 at E2-Seminar Hall from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM.
The event comprised of several workshops & talks by knowledgeable and experienced guides from industry. It was attended by the students eager to learn the basics of Python language and the field of Data Science. We witnessed several sessions on several branches of Data Science, such as Data Analytics & Data Visualization. The speakers also talked about the projects of Data Analytics as well as the contributions in Open Source Software that are already done in python. The goal of the event was to encourage students to learn about Python and Data Science. The event Witnessed 250 registrations with over 150 attendees, consisting mostly of Computer Science and Engineering branch students.
The event began with an Introduction to Data Analytics by Mr. Chetan Alisisra, Director of PoleStar Data Solutions, where he talked about the advancements in the field, and told students about the basic techniques with which they can get started with Data Analytics. The second session was on Importance of Data Visualization by Mr. Amit Rana of Genpact Headstrong Capital Market. He displayed live examples of his visualization software, and gave his insights about the developments and the new methodologies for Data Visualization. Following lunch, a hands-on workshop was given by Mr. Anuvrat Parashar, Senior Software Programmer, He explained the concepts of Python language to students, and allowed them to try the code themselves on their laptops. Most students were amazed by the simplicity of the language and found the interactive session helpful.The last session was taken by Mr. Vinay Pande, Information Retrieval Scientist. He introduced the students to the basics of Machine Learning, and guided them through the process of Data Analysis using Python and its frameworks.

MozCamp Date: 19-01-2013 Venue: Amity University | Time: 10:30 am to 5 pm

Seminar Hall: Group photograph of all the attendees.

Mr. Rohana Dasanayaka, Mozilla Representative from Sri Lanka

Information Dynamics in Complex Networks

ALiAS club, Computer Science & Engineering Department, ASET, Amity University, Noida organized ‘MozCamp’ at E2 Auditorium and Seminar Hall. It was an official Mozilla event where all the web developers and Mozilla contributors gathered together to talk about the activities and projects of Mozilla as well as contributed to the Developer’s Network. The goal of the event was to encourage students to contribute to open-source technologies under Mozilla Developer Network. The event witnessed 247 registrations with about 190 attendees, consisting of engineering branch students from colleges like IIT-D, IIIT-D, DTU, JMI, Jaypee, NSIT etc.., freelancers and people working in companies like Google, Sapience, Samsung, HCL Technologies, National Informatics Center, Xerox, Srijan, MakeMyTrip, CDAC, Cadence Design Systems, CSI-India etc..

Mr. Victor Udoewa, a Google developer from abroad who happened to be in Amity, teaching web technologies like HTML5, CSS3 and JS to a group of students (as a part of a pilot project launched by Google itself, to test a classroom-project that it is going to launch sometime later); Mr. Rohana Dasanayaka, official Mozilla Representative from Sri Lanka, who is on a visit to India, sponsored by Mozilla Itself for participating in events, spreading awareness about open-web (the motto of Mozilla Community) and contributing in collaboration with other similar developers; Few well known attendees from companies were : Satyaakam Goswami, Entrepreneur, Rohit Goyal, Engineer, Google India, Anuvrat Parashar, Software Developer,

The event started off with 'The Open Source Contribution 101' by Vikash Agrawal, Developer, Google Summer of Code. He talked about “What is open source? How does it work? The community and contribution to it”. The discussion was then taken over by Rishab Arora, GSoC speaking about the idiosyncrasies of a developer’s world and also talked about his experiences on GSoC.

After the lunch, the event was divided into two kinds of sessions an advanced session on HTML5 & CSS3 and a talk on ‘about:Mozilla’ and its activities. Mr. Devesh Batra and Mr. Akshay Katyal, both Mozilla Student Representatives gave a hands-on session on “the trending HTML5 & CSS3 with the basics of JQuery and Responsive Web Design”. While in parallel session, an open discussion “Ask Me Anything” and “Whats Mozilla upto?” was headed by Kinshuk Sunil, an official Mozilla Representative and C.E.O of Hashtash Studios.