Amity School of Engineering and Technology consists of following departments:

One of the best Engineering Schools in India, ASET is located in E-Block at Amity University, Noida Campus occupying an area one lakh sq. feet. The School has more than 280 faculty members, 100 support staff & over 5200 students. Our infrastructure is supported by 118 fully equipped laboratories.

more than fifty eight Programmes

ASET offers more than fifty eight Programmes of which twenty seven are the B.Tech Programmes, one B.Tech + M.Tech Dual Degree Program, four B.Tech + MBA Dual Degree Programmes, twenty M.Tech Programmes. Ph.D Programmes are also offered in all subjects. (List of these programmes is given at courses offered option).

Amity School of Engineering & Technology is committed to grooming leaders who are not only thorough professionals but also good human beings. Our faculty and senior team travel all over the globe to learn and imbibe the best practices so as to enable us to provide solid foundation for learning. As part of this endeavour, we have provided well equipped library with books from diversified areas, periodicals and National & International Journals.

At ASET there is a strong relation between the academia represented by students and faculty, and the corporate world. The purpose is to initiate continuous interaction with the industry, sharing the industry experiences, understanding industry needs and providing the required support to the corporate world, as well as opportunities to students to work in alliance with Industry.

Academic programmes at ASET are designed to enable growth and learning in a highly focused and application-based environment. This is achieved through a combination of formal lectures and hands-on experience in well equipped laboratories and through learning based projects.

innovative research

ASET conducts path breaking and innovative research in various spheres which has been facilitated by various Centers of Excellence. Faculty are encouraged to write quality research papers, books and file patents. Our research programme is also supported by high-tech laboratories which act as ideal training ground for budding professionals that allow students to experiment and gain practical knowledge.