Open Research Problem

Department of ECE floats open research problems where interested students and faculties may apply and work further to promote interdisciplinary research. A number of open research problems have been floated so far. Some of the problems include:

  • Computational Modeling of Proteins with Applications in HIV and Cancer Therapy
  • Optimization of Forging Characteristics of Iron-Alumina Metal Matrix Nano-composites using Deform Software
  • Identification of Neurological Disorders from Gait Data, Age determination from human gait,   Gender determination from human gait, Gait as a biometric tool
  • Development of a Portable Device for Automatic Glaucoma Detection
  • Integration / Design of an effective Adaptive Constraint Handling Technique for Covariance Matrix Adaptation Evolutionary Strategies (CMA-ES)
  • Efficient Segmentation in human calf region for cardiovascular analysis
  • ┬áImage Processing Techniques used for Bitewing Dental X-Ray Image Analysis