Research Group (s) / Department Seminar Details

S. No Research Group Date of Research Seminar/Meeting Title of the Research Seminar Speaker (s)
1 Control System Research Group 06-08-2015 Integration of Internet and Real Time Control Systems in Telerobotics Dr. Priya Ranjan
2 Power System Research Group 21-08-2015 Renewable Energy for Sustainable Development and Future Energy Security: Research Prospects Dr. Sachin Kumar Mishra
3 Control System Research Group. 01-10-2015 Research Prospects in Modelling and Control Schemes for Distillation Column Dr. Amit kumar Singh
4 Power System Research Group 20-10-2015 Future of Power Sector-Implementation of Smart Grid Ms. Pallavi Choudekar
5 Control System Research Group 11-02-2016 Sliding Mode Control and Its Applications Dr. P. M. Tiwari
6 Power System Research Group 24-02-2016 Hybrid Renewable Energy Power System Ms. Divya Asija
7 Control System Research Group 04-03-2016 Robust Control of Uncertain Power System Dr. V. K. Tayal
8 Power System Research Group 08-04-2016 Automatic Generation Control Strategies of Power Systems and New Research Possibilities Dr. S. K. Sinha
9 Power System Research Group 22-08-2016 Load Dispatch Problem Ms. Anjali jain
10 Control System Research Group 26-09-2016 Renewable Energy Ms. Mehtab Fatima
11 Power System Research Group 17-10-2016 Digital Protection and Control of Electrical Machines Ms. Akanksha Upadhyay
12 Control System Research Group 15-11-2016 Solar Micro-inverter Mrs. Ruchira Singla
13 Power System Research Group 27-02-2017 A Cost Optimal Alternatives For District Power Supply Through An Integrated System Mr. Sumeet Sehrawat
14 Control System Research Group 22-03-2017 Hybrid Electric Vehicles Dr. Bedatri Moulik
615 Power System Research Group 25-08-2017 Automated Substation Event Analysis using IED Data Dr. Anupma Prakash
16 Control System Research Group 25-08-2017 Understanding Rate Allocation mechanism in Strategic and Structural Communication Network via Dynamic Adjacency Prof. (Dr.) Priya Ranjan
17 Control System Research Group 15-09-2017 Energy Efficient Building Mrs. Neelam Verma
18 Control System Research Group 26-09-2017 Least Cost System Operation : Economic Dispatch Mr.Gaurav Yadav
19 Power System Research Group 04-10-2017 Implementation of Intelligent Controllers in Deregulated Power System Mr. Kamlesh Pandey
20 Control System Research Group 10-10-2017 IOT based Controller as an Alternative of PLC in Cement Plant Mr. Saket Kumar
21 Power System Research Group 31-10-2017 Autonomous Driving Mrs. Pallavi Choudekar
22 Power System Research Group 02-11-2017 Minimization of Power Losses in Distribution System Using Symbiotic Organism Search Algorithm Mr. G. Manikanta
23 Power System Research Group 09-11-2017 A Novel Architecture to Achieve Power Balance by Responsive Demand Mrs. Anjali Jain
23 Power System Research Group 27.11.2017 DG and Capacitor Placement in Distribution system considering Economic Benefits using Adaptive Quantum inspired Evolutionary Algorithm Mr. G. Manikanta
24 Power System Research Group 02-02-2018 Digitization of Energy System Dr. R.K. Viral