Alumni Speaks

Harsh Bhardwaj B.Tech(EEE) Batch – 2017-2021 – Assistant System Engineer Trainee at TCS

Amity has been a great experience for me. It nurtures you both professionally and academically. The faculties and mentors here are very supportive and have helped me whenever I needed. I have had many opportunities to enhance my confidence to speak in front of a crowd and overcome my stage fright through events like RDCAPE conference. As the student coordinator for a couple of my department’s clubs, I had the opportunity to work out various tasks and the responsibilities helped me grow professionally and personally. Currently I am working as an Assistant System Engineer Trainee at TCS and whatever I learned at Amity during the duration of my course has helped to be where I am right now.

Arpit Gahlawat B.Tech (EEE) (2017-21) – Associate Software Engineer at Accenture

Reflecting on the enriching journey of the four years I spent in the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering at Amity School of Engineering and Technology (ASET), Noida, I am grateful for the holistic growth and invaluable experiences that shaped my character. The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering at ASET became my second home, fostering an environment where I could thrive both academically and personally. The diverse range of academic opportunities and hands-on experiences provided by the department empowered me to develop not only technical expertise but also essential soft skills. The faculty's unwavering support and guidance played a pivotal role in my academic and personal development. As a student, I actively engaged in various roles, such as Secretary, Class Representative, and Student Coordinator, which not only contributed to my academic growth but also enhanced my leadership and organizational skills. Today, as an Associate Software Engineer at Accenture, I attribute my success to the solid foundation laid by the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering at ASET. I express my heartfelt gratitude to the department and the dedicated professors who have been instrumental in shaping my journey and making it an unforgettable chapter of my life. Thank you for providing an environment that allowed me to flourish and for being an integral part of my academic and professional success.

Siddhant Treasure, B.Tech (EEE) (2016-20) – Consultant Protiviti India Member Firm

During my four years in the B.Tech (EEE) program at Amity University, Noida, I prioritized holistic self-improvement. I took on pivotal roles, such as Secretary-General of the 9th edition of the Amity University Model United Nations Conference and President of the Amity University Model United Nations (AMIMUN) Club, refining my leadership and organizational skills. Serving as the Vice-President of Alfaaz, the literary and debate society of ASET, enriched my intellectual contributions to the university. Interning at Havells in their Centre for Research and Innovation, I collaborated with the New Product Development team in their switchgear division, gaining technical insights and corporate exposure. Currently, as a Consultant in the Data and Analytics division at Protiviti India member firm, my passion for business and analytics finds meaningful application.

Amity University has been instrumental in my professional journey, providing the skills and experiences necessary for success. I am grateful for the opportunities and growth afforded during my time at the university.

Mohammad Farhan Akmal, BTech (EEE)-(2017-2021), master’s in management, Business Management, EDHEC Business School, France (2021)

Amity has always pushed me to learn new things. My professors have taught me to not be afraid of taking on new challenges. Various prominent roles such as Coordinator of Measure Club as well as Coordinator of Amity Human Values Quarter have not only broadened my perspective but also helped me to enhance my overall personality. Amity also provided me with a stellar opportunity of Student Abroad Programme at Birkbeck, University of London. This experience brought forth excellent exposure in terms of foreign studies and cultural tolerance at a young age. It also made me realize the need to adapt, considering the cultural differences, which taught me to be versatile and open-minded. My internship at Gayatri Electric Vehicles allowed me to take the first step in the corporate environment. I was able to hone my skills by working with a team of 5 members to increase sales and analyse several assignments using Tableau. Our team was assigned to identify strategic initiatives to increase online traffic through various marketing channels. During my time in WIPRO, I worked under a team of 5 members which was assigned to design various LED lighting and IOL (Internet of Lighting). My main role was to interact with different customers and analyse ideas to meet the consumer demands. My time at Amity has helped me to build strong teamwork and leadership skills which sought admission in one of the top schools in Europe, EDHEC Business School. I would like to thank Amity University for providing me with the best 4 years of my life.

Priyanshi Singhal B.Tech (EEE) (2015-19) Working with Ericsson, INDIA

I am Proud to be Amitian. The exposure I have got here is incredible and really helped me to compete in challenging world. My department was Electrical and Electronics and here faculty members and lab infrastructure are outstanding. The degree is so meaningful that I got placed in two globally renowned companies Accenture and Ericsson. I will always cherish the time spent here.

Lalit Jain B.Tech (EEE) (2015-19) Graduate Engineer Trainee Relaxo Footwear, INDIA

I am proud to say that I am a part of EEE Department, Amity University Noida. Amity has made me a better person by grooming my overall personality and providing me immense opportunities to grow and shine out of the crowd. Here I got research-based education system and filed Patents and published Research Papers. I am proud of being the Student of such a wonderful university dedicated to the causes of better World, through education and real empowerment.

Benoyetri Dutta B.Tech (EEE) (2015-19) Working with Accenture, INDIA

It was a very good experience and Amity-EEE department offered a great learning opportunity to us. I got to learn a lot of skills which is now helping me a lot in my career. Amity gave me exposures about technical as well as other related fields that boosted my confidence and removed stage fears as well. I am blessed to be a 50 percent scholarship holder for continuous 4 years of my B. Tech EEE. I am very proud to be an Amitian.

Biswajeeet Singh B.Tech (EEE) (2015-19) Technical Engineer, Power Sector Skill Council

I love Amity because it has opened my mind and gave me wings. Here I got learning to think beyond the horizon. Academic environment is wonderful, and it is totally research-based learning. Labs and faculty are cooperative and placement opportunity is abundant.

Sonick Suri B.Tech (EEE) (2014-18), Sr Software Application Developer Associate, NTT Data, INDIA

I am Proud to be Amitian. Amity’s quality education, Remarkable Professors and Friends for Life Time have altogether changed me a lot positive to make me a truly professional ready to serve society. Choosing to pursue my Electrical Engineering degree at Amity University was one of the best decisions I've made. Amity has helped me in order to fit in the multinational culture. More than the technical knowledge which I gained from Amity is professional skills and etiquettes.

Karan Vohra B.Tech (E.E.E.)-(2014-2018) Iconma Services Pvt Ltd, INDIA

My B.Tech-EEE degree experience in Amity has been a great one, a learning, caring and daring one. I gained confidence to speak in front of several people. My communication skills improved and my concepts about Electrical Machines, Control Systems, and Electrical Power Systems improved. I experienced the guidance of learned and helping faculty and gained experience in all fields be it technical or sports. I also got a certification of BSI and improved my credibility and value in the market.

Anurag Jha B.Tech (EEE) – (2014-2018) NMTronics (India), Noida

It is my immense pleasure to be a part of Amity University that gave me a platform to grow, learn and achieve success in my life. I would like to thank honourable Dr. Ashok K Chauhan sir for providing such a great opportunity to me and many other students to learn and get educated.

Harshit Gahlaut B.Tech(EEE)-(2014-2018) Associate, British Telcom, INDIA

Amity provided me with a solid platform in technical field through the various projects, which I undertook, under the guidance of knowledgeable and experienced Professors. The endurance of my teachers and directors who have mentored for 4 years has enhanced my overall personality. As an alumni, I am proud and feeling honoured on earning B.Tech-EEE degree from Amity Currently Harshit is working with British Telecom. He is working there as Associate Manager.

Mohd Danish Siddiqui B.Tech (EEE)-(2014-18) Exicom Power Solutions, INDIA

Amity provided me excellent guidance for my academics and career. Mentoring while placement helped a lot and I appreciate the effort of my faculties and placement mentor in the placement process. They guided me throughout the degree course. Danish was a very skilled students and his lab learning was outstanding. Currently he is working with Exicom Power Solutions.

Rishabh Singh Tomar B.Tech (EEE)-(2014-18) Sr. Associate Consultant, NTT DATA Inc., India

Amity University is a truly global and nurture students so nicely and unparallel. The Amity environment, faculty, management, and opportunity there have provided me abundant resources to shape my personality as well as my career for success. ASET, EEE department transformed me and gave me right direction to become a successful engineer. Amity for me is a perfect environment for learning and developing ourselves. Currently Rishabh is working at NTT DATA Inc as an Associate Consultant and involved in system design process.

Raoul Lopez B.Tech (EEE)-(2010-14) Software Firmware Engineer, Axon Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I thank Almighty God for giving me opportunity to be part of Amity Family. The Amity is a wonderful place to get learning. My four year B.Tech-EEE degree is certainly become meaningful and I shall always be thankful to Amity faculty, staff, and management. Amity Labs and learned professors were really become helpful for me to achieve success after Amity. The guidance provided me was excellent and global. Raoul was a very skilled student and keen in learning. After B. Tech-EEE from Amity he earned Master of Science from University of Pennsylvania, USA. Currently he is working with Axon Philadelphia, Pennsylvania as Software Firmware Engineer

Arunjeev Singh B.Tech (EEE)-(2010-14) Controls Designer, Massiv Automated Systems, Canada

My B.Tech-EEE degree from Amity gave me good career path and fulfilled my dream. The four year stay in Amity made me a truly global and able to take any challenge may come in life. The Behavioural Science, Foreign Language, and Communication Language courses truly polished my overall personality. Amity Labs and there teaching environment are very excellent. The guidance provided me was excellent and global. After B. Tech-EEE from Amity Arunjeev earned higher degree in Robotics and Industrial Automation from Contestoga College, Canada. Currently he is working with Massiv Automated Systems, Canada Controls Designer

Ankit Joshi B.Tech(E&I)-2013 Software Engineer, Cognizant

"Hi. My name is Ankit Joshi. I completed my graduation in Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering from Amity School of Engineering and Technology, Uttar Pradesh. I am currently working in Cognizant Technology Solutions as a Software Developer. Amity has been a family to me. I have completed my higher senior secondary education from Amity International School, and I consider myself fortunate to get admission in Amity University. Over the course of 4 years, the atmosphere for learning at Amity has been quite extensive. Faculty members have always displayed genuine interest in the needs of the students and went above and beyond to ensure that each one gets the highest quality of education. The high-tech infrastructure and up-to-date lab facilities helped us implement our theoretical knowledge to practical use. I feel that the friends made while at Amity University will go far beyond the walls of the classroom. All in all, it was a wonderful journey and I will always cherish the time spent in Amity. Truly, Amity nurtures Talent."

Aman Mittal Pursuing MBA, SanDiego University,USA

I was encouraged and supported by my professors and mentors at every step of my course and instilled the confidence in me to pursue my dreams of studying in the US, I am currently pursuing MBA from San Diego State University in San Diego, California, United States of America. My future plan is to move back to India and lead the Operations and International Supply Chain departments in my family owned business. Amity University created a memorable and a learning experience for me which I can never forget.

Kritika Khanna B.Tech(E&I)-2015 Sales Engineer, VEGA Instruments,Dubai

I am Working as a Sales engineer for VEGA in Dubai,U.A.E. I am currently handling sales for 4 countries in the Middle-East. It is a techno-manregirial position in which its is required to be technically sound and the same time have good soft skills and Amity has truly nurtured me in order to fit into the Multi-national culture. The endurance of my teachers and Directors who have mentored for 4 years has enhanced my over all personality . Amity is truly a Universe if a student is willing to extract its resources.

Satya Prakash B.Tech(EEE)-2014 Electrical Engineer, Voltas Limited

AMITY. It transformed me. Yes, but not just any ordinary transformation. From, not being confident at public speaking; Amity transformed me into a leader. Amity for me is a perfect environment for learning and developing ourselves. This is an institution equipped by the finest faculties, the best infrastructure and lots of opportunities. I still remember during my joining; we were told that our goal should not only be limited to academic excellence but we should also keep working on our other prime interests. This thought has been the base for my entire 4 years at Amity. I am so very grateful to Amity for this amazing experience. True that- “Once an Amitian, Always an Amitian”.

Vipul Kumar B.Tech(E&I)-2013 Domain Engineer Wipro Technologies

Life during and after Amity has nothing been less than unfolding of a dream sequence. I was recruited from the campus placement drive and since then have been working for Wipro Technologies.Working as a domain engineer for Mercedes-benz, I make software for the infotainment system. I can never be thankful enough for the support and encouragement by the teachers and college administration.

Himadri Sharma B.Tech(E&I)-2013 Amazon

I am currently working at the Amazon Development Centre in the Merchant Business Services Department for the Global Onboarding Team. Since it deals with seller-customer experience, I think I owe gratitude to my college for teaching me what great experiences are, how to work in a team, and how to excel in the field we are stepping into. Working here for 1 year and using all my experiences from Amity has made me a better employee and an asset to the company. Learning how to overachieve at college in academics and other circular activities has embedded the quality of always excelling at my work, which I have applied to my life and also my career at Amazon. Amity as my Alma mater helped me grow and become the person I am today. As an introvert, Amity helped me become more open and I feel I owe my success to this institution today. I'd like to thank Amity and its faculty and dedicate my success to them.

B.Tech (E&I) 2013 President(Technology), Funaster Pvt. Ltd

My experience in Amity has been a guiding path in my professional life. More than the technical knowledge which I gained from Amity, it is the professional skills and etiquette which make me a better entrepreneur in this competitive world. The attachment with Amity is the only reason I induct interns in my company from Amity specifically. I design, fabricate and sell drones for a living and I’ve been doing this since my First Year in college. I started a company with my school friends by the name of Funaster Pvt. Ltd. We at Funaster have supply drones for surveillance purposes throughout the country. Our drones are designed specifically for military and para military forces. Some of the prominent places where our drones are helping the police force: Meerut, Lucknow, Bareilly. Our drones have been very useful to the army at Indo-Pak border surveillance aswell. I will always cherish my Amity years and look forward to be a part of this family again.

Karan Shah B.Tech (EEE) Batch: 2011-2015 Dynamic Orbits Advisory Pvt Ltd (Algol India)

Amity is a paradigm of learning. Studying at Amity helped me transform because at the end of the day my success will be measured by my productivity and contribution to humanity."

Shashank Khandelwal B.Tech(EEE) 2011-15 Software Engineer Capgemini India Pvt Ltd., Mumbai

"Life in Amity was a wonderful experience for me, the morals and values I got to learn from here always helps me in taking better decisions in my life. Along with the great methodology of teaching, Amity provided me ample of opportunities like Club and Committee Activities, Conferences and Workshops which helped me in my overall personality development. A big thanks to my department (Electrical & Electronics Engineering) for maintaining a fair environment for its students and allowed us to innovate for now possibilities. "

Uma Gupta M.Tech(Control System ) 2012-14. Automation Engineer, Kudamm Corporation, Delhi

I began my studies with eagerness. Before me I saw a new world opening in beauty and light, and I felt within me the capacity to know all things. In the wonderland of Mind I should be as free as another [with sight and hearing]. Its people, scenery, manners, joys, and tragedies should be living tangible interpreters of the real world. The lecture halls seemed filled with the spirit of the great and wise, and the professors were the embodiment of wisdom... Many of the dreams that had delighted my young inexperience became beautifully into the light of common day." Gradually I began to find that there were advantages in going to college. It was a awesome experience in Amity in practical as well as theoretical manners. The research ideas which I got from my mentors were speechless. The fests in university were beyond words.