S. No. Year Date(s) Workshop Title/ Theme Level (Institutional / National / International) City No. of Participants Institution (s)
1 2017 25-10-2017 Solar PV System and Optimization Techniques (PDP) Institutional Noida 45 ASET
2 2015 18-03-2015 Control System Design and Simulation using QUBE ROTARY SERVO National Noida 36 ASET
3 2015 17-18 Sep 2015 Workshop on Design Spark PCB Practical Heads Institutional Noida 40 ASET
4 2015 05-01-2016 Training on Mipower Institutional Noida 12 ASET
5 2014 13-17 Oct 2014 Quanser Train the trainer National Noida 40 ASET
6 2013 27-05-2013 Use of Various Software Simulation Platform in Power System, Including MiPower & DigSILENT Institutional Noida 20 ASET
7 2012 20-12-2012 Introduction & Problem Solving on Mipower Institutional Noida   ASET
8 2012 24-25 Feb 2012 Workshop on DigSilent Power Factory Institutional Noida 20 ASET
9 2011 26-09-2011 PLC & SCADA Systems Institutional Noida 20 ASET

The department is committed to organize faculty development programs (FDP), so that faculty members get updated with latest developments.

Workshop on "Control System Design and Simulation using QUBE ROTARY SERVO":

The Electrical & Electronics Engineering department organized One Day Faculty Development Programme on Control System Design and Simulation Using Qube Rotary Servo on 17th June,2015. The programme aimed to provide hands on experience to the participants and encourage them encouraged them to take experiments into their own hands and get a feel of real life control system in action. Mr. Jaimurugan Venkatesan, Edutech was the main speaker. The participants were from inside and outside Amity University. The FDP started with a welcome address by Dr. H. P Singh

Workshop on MiPower and DigSilent:

The department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering organized one day faculty development programme on the software used in power industry. The one day programme was divided into two sessions. The first session was guided by Mr. Vasudevan who is currently working in PRDC, Bangalore. Mipower is a highly interactive, user- friendly windows based power system analysis package. The session started with the basics of the software and ended with the knowledge flow of load flow analysis. The second session was guided by Ms. Anjali jain, faculty member of EEE Department, Amity University.


Online Faculty Development Program on “Advances in Renewable Energy and Smart Grid Integration” held from 31st May to 4th June 2021.

Online workshop on Design and intelligent computation techniques involving Electric vehicles and Nuclear power plants held on 28th June 2020.
Online Workshop on Technology Based Entrepreneurship Development Programme (TEDP) in Electrical Vehicles held on 20th February 2021.