Parent's Testimonial

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Mr. Kuldeep Pandey
F/O Tarun Pandey
B.Tech. ME (2021-25)

“As a parent, I appreciate the Mechanical Engineering department at Amity University, Noida. The faculty’s expertise, the comprehensive curriculum has provided a solid foundation for my child’s academic journey. The lively atmosphere on campus and the effective career enhancing counselling have been instrumental in my child’s overall development. It’s been a transformative educational experience for my child.”

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Mrs. Madhu Singh
M/O Apoorva Singh
B.Tech. ME (2020-24)

From the moment our son stepped onto Amity's vibrant campus, we knew they were in for something special. The dedicated faculty, state-of-the-art facilities, and inclusive environment fostered not just academic excellence, but a genuine love of learning. Seeing their eyes light up with every discovery, their confidence blossoming with each challenge overcome, filled us with immense pride.

Amity wasn't just an education, it was a transformation. It equipped our child with the tools to navigate the world, the resilience to face setbacks, and the optimism to embrace every opportunity. Today, as they confidently embark on their chosen path, we are forever grateful to Amity for shaping them into the remarkable individual they are today.