Open-Ended Research Problems

  • Develop Finite volume based computational fluid dynamic solver for slurry Flow (By Dr. Basant Singh Sikarwar)
  • Develop experimental and numerical techniques applicable in two phase flow: Boiling and condensation (By Dr. Sanjeev Kr. Sharma and Dr. Basant Singh Sikarwar)
  • Optimization of forging characteristics of Iron-Alumina Metal Matrix Nanocomposites using deform software (By Dr. Pallav Gupta)
  • Parallelization and user interface of existing code of dropwise condensation (Dr. Basant Singh Sikarwar)
  • Numerical solution of three-dimensional Young-Laplace equation to get shape of drop on inclined surface (Dr. Basant Singh Sikarwar)
  • A new technique to reduce particulate matter (By Dr. R. K. Tyagi)
  • Mathematical modelling of latent heat storage (By Dr. Basant Singh Sikarwar)
  • Various techniques to reduce harmful gases in automobile (By Dr. R. K. Tyagi)
  • Process optimization of steel during surface grinding (Dr. Umesh K. Vats)
  • Process optimization during drilling process in steel (By Dr. Umesh K. Vats)
  • Bench Marking of world class maintenance system (By Dr. Priyank Srivastava)