Research Scholars


Research Topic

Mr. Shubham Sharma

Experimental Investigation of The Effect of Nano Fluids on Solar Collectors and Photovoltaic Thermal Units in Solar Thermal Applications

Mr. Mohit Bhandwal

Design And Development of An Eco-Friendly System for Catalytic Convertor Using Automation

Mrs. Punj Lata Singh

Dropwise Condensation of Water Vapor of Moist Air on Mesh-Like Surfaces for Water Harvesting

Mr. Gaurav Gupta

Investigating The Effect of Varied Process Factor on Thin Film Sputtering Deposition

Mr. Ravinder Kumar

Impact of Whole-Body Vibrations on Heavy Vehicle Drivers Leading to Musculoskeletal Disorders

Mr. Sahil Sharma

Modeling, Optimization and Experimental Investigation of WEDM Process of Heat-Treated Die Steel

Mr. Jyoti Prakash

Study of Condensation and Evaporation on Porous Surface

Mrs. Sharma Megha Goswami

Thermo-Hydrodynamics of Loop Heat Pipe

Mr Siddharth Singh Yadav

Design And Development of Devices for Screening Diseases Using Physical Properties Of Biological Fluid

Mr. Gautam Dutta

Issues And Dependencies of Industry 4.0 Implementation in Context Of India’s Discrete Manufacturing Sector

Mr Achintya Sharma

Thermodynamic Investigation Upon Low Temperature Organic Rankine Cycle with Integrated Solar Combined Cycle

Mrs. Neelam Khandelwal

Thermodynamics Analysis of Solar Integrated Combined Cycle with Energy Management

Mr Sumit Sharma

Development Of Self-Healing Alloys and Their Characterization

Mr Prateek Mittal

Investigation Of Structural, Thermal and Wear Properties of Copper Matrix Based Hybrid Composite

Ms Priyanshu Sharma

Investigation Of Supply Chain Issues to Achieve Circular Economy in Manufacturing Sectors

Mr. Yatan Nagpal

Fabrication And Characterization of Aluminium Alloy Hybrid Green Metal Matrix Composite

Ms. Swati Mor

Design And Performance Assessment of a Novel Solar Cogeneration System

Mr. Tushar Gupta

Fabrication On Realisable Super-Hydrophobic
Substrate for Water Harvesting

Mr. Deepak Kumar Yadav

Development Of Thermal Batteries by 3D Printing of
Phase Change Material

Ms. Ayushi

Experimental Investigation of Fused Deposited Shape
Memory Alloy for Biomedical Application

Mr. Deepak Awasthi

Mechanical And Thermal Behaviour of Epoxy Based Hybrid Polymer Matrix Nanocomposites For Aerospace Applications

Mr. Daniel Naveen Anand

Design And Implement the Framework of Sustainable Manufacturing System

Mr. Sandeep Kumar

Process Improvement Through Lean Six Sigma in Manufacturing 

Mr. Bodhisatwa Seal

Under Process.

Mr. Kiran Sankar M.S.

Industry 4.0 Enabled Sustainable Manufacturing


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Research Topic

Dr. T Venkata Rajasekhar

Research Title: Experimental Investigation of Nanofluids in Solar Thermal Parabolic Trough Collector

Dr. Vishakha Baghel

Modelling of Moist Air Condensation Underneath Engineered Surfaces

Dr. Sandeep Mathur

Study, Evolve, Identify and Implement the Enablers and Attributes for Effective and Efficient Supply Chain Management for Fast Moving Electrical Goods

Dr. Medhavi Sinha

Synthesis and Characterization of E-Glass Based Composite Materials for Applications in Automobile Industry.

Dr. Jimmy Mehta

Development of Coating using Thermal Spray Technique for Wear Prone Industrial Application

Dr. K M Agarwal

Investigation of Microstructure & Mechanical Properties of Metals and Alloys processed after Equal Channel Angular Pressing

Dr. Paridhi Malhotra

Investigation For the Improvement of Performance by EDM Process Using Multi Holed Electrode and Powder Mixed Dielectric

Dr. Shyamal Samant 

Development of Framework for Lean & Green Complex Manufacturing Systems Using Value Stream Mapping