Research Seminars Organized by Research Groups

Departmental Research Cell organises Research Seminars on regular basis. Here experts from Thermal Engineering Group, Production Engineering Group, Industrial Engineering Group and Design Engineering Group deliver relevant talks on specific engineering and research problems. It is a platform for young faculty and students to learn explore and understand current research problems and motivate themselves to touch new horizons of innovation. The upcoming and previously held Research Seminars include:

SNo Date Topic of Seminar Name of Speaker
1 14.01.2021 Development of Thermal Batteries by 3-D Printing of Phase Change Material Dr. Rajeev Kumar Singh
2 21.01.2021 Hybrid MCDM Model for Supplier Selection in Supply Chain Dr. Sanatan Ratan
3 28.01.2021 Pool boiling heat Transfer Mr. Ritesh Srivastav
4 04.02.2021 Finite element Analysis of Machining Process Mr. P.N. Vishwakarma
5 11.02.2021 Additive manufacturing Mr. Ajay Sharma
6 18.02.2021 Knowledge Management and Circular Economy: A Complement of each other Dr. B.P. Sharma
7 25.02.2021 Clean coal technologies for power generation Dr. Meeta Sharma
8 04.03.2021 Sustainable Public Procurement in India Dr. K. Mathi
9 18.03.2021 Friction stir welding of aluminium alloy thick plates for a defence application's Dr. G.S. Rao
10 25.03.2021 Impact of Sustainable manufacturing in waste management in India Mr. Naveen Daniel
11 01.04.2021 Thermo-economic Evaluation of solar- thermal driven VARS Dr. Ravinder Kannojiya
12 14.10.2021 Developing new tool path generation algorithms for high-speed CNC milling involving artificial intelligence methods Dr. Adam Jacsó
13 20.08.2020 Writing good Research Proposal for Indian government Funding agency Prof. Basant Singh Sikarwar
14 03.09.2020 Development and characterization of Bio-compsites for structural applications Dr. Vijay Choudhary
15 17.09.2020 An Engineering Approach to Railway Coaches for Different Loading Conditions & Optimum Dimensions In Consideration With Balancing Of Track Ms. Sheelam Mishra
16 24.09.2020 Industry 4.0 enabled sustainable manufacturing: Some Issues and Challenges Dr. Sumit Gupta
17 01.10.2020 Thermal Modelling of parabolic trough collector integrated 8ETC for water desalination Dr. Sanjeev Sharma
18 08.10.2020 Recent advancement in processing of materials using Microwave Technology Mr. Jeevan Singh Bisht
19 15.10.2020 Investigation of dynamics and control techniques of tele operated robotic system. Dr. Rohit Singla
20 29.10.2020 Maximizing volumetric efficiency of IC engine through suitable methodology Dr. Niraj Kumar