Rishi Kapoor, B. Tech. IT
Batch : 2006-10
Business Analyst, TCS, Gurgaon

Amity has played a very important role in shaping my career. It was Amity's excellent placement record that helped not only me but majority of our batch get that cherished first job. The faculty was always inspiring and helpful. Amity's degree helped me to apply to some of the best business schools in the world and successfully complete my MBA from one of them. Today I and all our batch mates are working for some of the top organisations of the world all thanks to Amity. We came as confused 18 year olds but definitely left Amity a lot wiser and memories to last a lifetime. Thanks a lot Amity.

Sachin Mishra, B. Tech. IT
Batch : 2006-10
SAP BI - BW Senior Consultant, Assistant Manager, PricewaterhouseCoopers

Amity has been the milestone of my career. I feel lucky to have been part of Amity. It introduced us to the world of opportunities with on-campus placements. I find my batch mates and juniors working with the reputed firms all over the world. The guidance and motivation provided by the faculty members helped us achieve our career goals. The curriculum of our courses helped us learn and acquire skills that have helped us on job from the first day. I am thankful to Amity for providing me and many students like me, an opportunity to be a part of it. Thank you Amity.

Guneet Singh, B. Tech. IT
Batch : 2007-11
Alumni of IIM Shilong
TAS Manager - Strategic Finance, Tata Power Company Limited

According to me the course design at Amity is one of the best. Throughout the technical courses that I have attended, I have realized the importance of the strict attendance criteria and the in depth courses that have been designed at Amity. Credit must also be given to the faculty who strive to make the most difficult of topics easy to understand and retain. I found my faculty to be very helpful and supportive of me. I owe a lot of what I am today to my time well spent at the hallowed hallways of Amity University.

Siddhartha Garg, B. Tech. IT
Batch : 2007-11
Lead Quality Assurance, Whitespectre, Spain

One can always find Amity to be a perfect place if one is looking forward to excel in any field. A few things that always remind me of Amity are the way it groomed my confidence and presentation skills which out beat any other person on regular basis. I would say Amity is the perfect place that provides the perfect blend of glamour with utmost education quality enhancing you in every field and not just academics. The personal interest that our guardians/professors and mentors have shown in our growth and placement is commendable. I feel the extensive variety of jobs that Amitians have endeavoured without restricting themselves within IT companies has been something to be proud of as an alumnus. Inspired at Amity I have been writing books. I thank Amity again for all the support and blessings which have been showered on us.

Mohit Budhiraja, B. Tech. IT
Batch : 2007-11
Senior Software Engineer at Accenture Services Pvt. Ltd.

I had a wonderful experience in Amity which not only enhanced my skills but gave a wonderful platform to shape a great personality. The real meaning of friendship I learned in Amity when I met some wonderful friends and supporting faculties. Amity not only helped me in boosting my confidence but it gave me the opportunity to work on my strong points and build up a wonderful career. The quality education that Amity provides not only helps us in building a solid career but it makes us a complete person with values and ethics. I got the feeling of responsibility from Amity and learnt management of time. I always believe Amity has a zing which can touch the zenith. From the core of my heart I thank Amity for supporting and providing me a wonderful career.

Mansi Gupta, B. Tech. IT
Batch : 2007-11
Engineer II at Aristocrat Technologies, Noida

Amity has been a tremendously inspirational experience for me right from my first year of engineering. It is according to me an institution which provides its students with not only education but a "complete education". And by that phrase I mean that it teaches all its students not only the bookish knowledge but also the knowledge which helps us to overcome our fears and failures and enables us to proceed sustainably towards our goals and achieve success.

Ankit Chaturvedi, B. Tech. IT
Batch : 2008-12
Alumni of Faculty of Management Studies - University of Delhi
Co Founder at ZipHop Technologies

My experience in Amity has given me a chance to enhance my skills in the field of choice. I thank Amity for instilling in me the craft of being a continuous learner. Education in Amity also taught me the importance of thinking critically and asking questions in many situations. All these aspects of Amity have made me a person with an overall personality.

Abha Lakra, B. Tech. IT
Batch : 2008-12
Pursuing MBA from IIM Bangalore.

Amity University gave me the platform to showcase my hard work and talent. It gives you the recognition in both educational and professional front that shapes your career path accordingly. It was my years here that has now given me a place in the coveted institute IIM Bangalore from where I am currently pursuing a degree in MBA and an ambition to be on top of the corporate world.

Harshit P Singh, B. Tech. IT
Batch : 2008-12
HCL Technologies, Gurgaon

Throughout my time in Amity University, I was not only lucky enough to make life-long friends but also had the opportunity to communicate with corporate stalwarts and further enrich my skills. From crucial projects to engrossing sessions, workshops on technological trends and constant support from faculty has made us a successful career professional that we are today.

Niha Imran, B. Tech. IT
Batch : 2008-12
Sr. Software Engineer
Plavaga Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

I have been working in the field of IT since I graduated from AMITY University in Information Technology in 2012. Right now I am working as a Sr. Software Engineer in Plavaga Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. I think the time of your life when you can invest in your future without loss is when you are actively curious and inquisitive, in other words, when you are a student. The education at Amity is very different than traditional academic courses. The education you get at Amity is with lots of practical implementation using current tools and technologies used in industry. I always feel that I made the right decision to study @Amity. If I had to choose again, I would still choose Amity for its peaceful surroundings, high education quality and International exposure.

Karuna Puri, B. Tech. IT
Batch : 2008-12
Pursing M.Tech from Symbiosis Institute of Technology, Pune University

Amity the leading education group of India has the most talented and dedicated group of faculty members. The international collaborations of Amity provides students a path for global exposure through various joint exchange programs and educational tours. Amity's rich academic and cultural experience has helped me endow a lot of self-confidence in my own capabilities especially when I had started with my bachelor's education after coming out of school's life. My four years in Amity School of Engineering & Technology have enhanced my learning graph. I would always appreciate my faculty members and complete department for their everlasting support, encouragement and for their efforts to provide me a platform to showcase my talent both academically and in other extra-curricular activities/ or societies & clubs. Learning at Amity was always lively that has given me a different vision to look at life and has also groomed me as an individual. Amity will always be there with pool of opportunities for their students to enrich their skills and it simply depends on students how far they can grab them. Amity is a family who always welcomes their young student members to share their experiences and add many more to their basket. Amity has also incorporated in me corporate ethics while I was pursuing my bachelor's degree which has helped me in building strong bond/relationships once I had entered in industry. I recommend every aspiring student to enrich their lives with the rich global culture of Amity University.

Rachit Dua, B. Tech. IT
Batch : 2008-12
Cloud Services Technical Consultant at Parametric Technology

The association with Amity was and still is the best, one can have with their alma-mater. Everyone from the faculties to the administration was reachable whenever any need arose. I still love to come back to the campus to meet the teachers who are part of the journey and will always be wherever I go and reach in life. I am doing fine in life career wise and all credit goes to the college and time I spent here. Thanks for the wonderful association and hope to keep the sentiments alive.

Anupriya Tuli, M. Tech. IT
Batch : 2013-15
Research Scholar, IIIT Delhi

I am delighted to say that I have completed my M.Tech in IT from Amity University. It not only offered me a first-class education but space to grow as an individual, to try new things as a research scholar and to meet new and interesting people. For me, the Amity University's experience was a journey. I'd never have imagined myself getting enrolled in PhD but the guidance, motivation and opportunities I got here helped me to hone my skills as a research scholar. It's a place where you're never far from a new opportunity or experience.

Archana Gupta, M. Tech. IT
Batch : 2013-15
Business Analyst in Adapt Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Gurgaon

Amity gave me a platform to explore myself and refine my skills. I feel more confident in due course by getting international exposure from worldwide conferences organized by Amity which gave me a platform to reach, global audience and refined research minds across the world. It facilitates my research areas, as I got to interact with international researchers for new technologies/research standard across the world. With proper guidance from mentors and industrial/global exposure, I discovered the substance inside me to pursue my research dreams successfully.

Ankita Arora, B. Tech. IT
Batch: 2017-21
Software Engineer, JP morgan chase, Glasgow, UK

The 4 years of my bachelor's degree with amity university were the best years of my life. The engineering knowledge imparted by the faculty were both theoretically and practically similar to what is expected in cracking placement exams. Amity University gave me some amazing friends who are placed in the top companies through Amity. I would recommend Amity to anyone who wants to study in engineering field.

Sanyukta Shreshtha, B. Tech. IT
Batch: 2017-21
Associate System Engineer, IBM

I would like to express my gratitude towards Department of Information Technology, ASET for helping me in getting placed in three multinational companies (IBM, DXC Technology and Capgemini). Currently I am working as a System Engineer in IBM. Amity university gave me numerous opportunities to be the part of clubs, workshops, seminars and even International Conferences through which I published research papers and got connected to various Industry leaders. Being the president of ‘Computer Society of India’ Amity Student Branch gave me confidence and great learning experience. Dedicated faculty and their support helped me nurture my skills, values, multifaceted qualities and shape my future.