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Anantya Thapliyal, B. Tech. (Information Technology), 2019-2023
Company Placed: SHELL

My Journey at Amity university is full of excitement and learning. Amity university not only develops the skills in selected domains but also focuses on the overall grooming of the students with soft skill training. Faculty members are always ready to support, guide and mentor us in each milestone of our journey with great enthusiasm. They encourage and empower students to turn their problems into opportunities. Amity builds true professionals with leadership skills. Amity placement cell provides the platform to build a career in leading industries. I am very grateful that I am a part of amity university.

Shikha Rani, B.Tech. (Information Technology), 2019-23
Company Placed: SHELL

Joining Amity university was the best decision of my life. It has been full of excitement and learning experience for me. Here the focus is not only on to develops the skills in academics but also focuses on the well-developed personality of an individual. My HOD, PL and faculty members were always ready to support, guide and mentor me in each milestone of my journey with great enthusiasm. I think that really helps and empower students to turn their problems into opportunities. At last, I am very grateful to ATPC (Amity technical placement cell) that provided me this platform to launch my career in leading IT industry. My family and friends also believed in me through which I am able to stand here. It truly was an amazing experience for me.

Chinmayee Chatterjee, B.Tech. (Information Technology), 2019-23
Company Placed: SHELL

When I joined Amity for pursuing my B.Tech. in the IT stream back in 2019, I wholeheartedly believed that it would help me not only shape my future career but also would enhance my growth as a human being as well. Over the past 3 years, Amity has not only allowed me to secure a place in one of the biggest companies in the world like Shell at such a high package but also provided me with a platform to improve myself as a person. During my placements, my faculty as well as the CRC of our institution continued to help me out in times wherever I was stuck with any problem, which allowed me to excel in the technical and interview rounds conducted by Shell, as it provided me with the confidence that I needed during those rounds. Amity has provided me the boost that I needed when it comes to both professional and personal growth. I would like to thank the Department of IT for continuously inspiring me to try and experiment with new things and take on new endeavors.

Gaurav Singh, B.Tech. (Information Technology), 2019-23
Company Placed: SHELL

Amity Noida has provided me with a plethora of opportunities to learn and grow. The course has honed me on both professional and personal levels. Our placement director and his team are able to attract some of the best companies for all the students. I will always remain indebted to Amity for opening big doors of opportunities for me. I also want to thank my faculty at Amity Noida to help me develop and enhance my knowledge as well as for giving me support throughout my engineering journey. I am extremely grateful to be part of the Amity Universe.

Archit Malik
B.Tech. (Information Technology), 2019-23
Company Placed: AMAZON

My journey in Amity from my first year till now has been incredible and inexplicable. The environment here is perfect for one’s growth and gain. The faculty, mentors never fail to help regarding any problem or situation. Amity provides us with ample opportunities for making a dream come true. All this helped me to crack my dream company AMAZON. I’m thankful to be a part of AMITY University.

Yash Goel
B.Tech. (Information Technology), 2019-23
Company Placed: AMAZON

Being part of amity university is a great experience, the Curriculum imparted by the university was on par with current industry standards. Not only that it also helped me with honing my soft skills with my hard skills. And the placement cell of the university is Really great as they provided us with opportunities to be part of top Technology Companies.

Rishab Gupta
B.Tech. (Information Technology), 2019-23
Company Placed: AMAZON

Looking over my exciting and challenging journey at Amity makes me feel surreal. At Amity University, amidst great environment accompanied by highly intellectual, experienced faculties, I have witnessed my skills and competence rising to a zenith. The learner centric atmosphere crafted here not only trained me in the academic curriculum but also motivated me. I will never forget contribution of the IT Department and the Amity Technical and Placement Cell for helping and guiding me throughout my placement journey. I am very much thankful towards Amity for providing me with great exposure in such a competitive world and offering students with a vast range of opportunities to reach our goals.

Aazhar Imran Khan B. Tech. (Information Technology), 2018-2022
Company Placed: SHELL

Amity University understands the importance of being in sync with the industry and the individual departments are always on the run to continuously improve the means and the methods of education. This helps the students to not only be ready for their transition in their respective domains, but also helps them keep an open mind towards challenges and pressure. The faculties are genuinely invested in their students. Amity Technical Placement Cell facilitates the placement journey and offers a marvellous platform where students get to prove themselves and grab their dream offers.

Mehak Agrawal , B. Tech. (Information Technology), 2018-2022 Company Placed: SHELL My last four years at Amity U

My last four years at Amity University have been an enthralling experience, precisely how a fresher imagines college life to be. Amity is a place for learning, enjoyment, culture, morals, and a variety of other life-changing activities. This university has not only aided my professional progress, but it has also contributed significantly to my personal development in order to tackle problems in life. I feel grateful to the University for giving me such a wonderful platform and abundant opportunities, to my parents for always being there for me, my professors for always guiding and motivating me, my Head of Department for always being encouraging, and my friends for always being supportive. Amity has always been and will always be near and dear to my heart.

Shivam Singh B.Tech. Information Technology
Company Placed: CELIGO

I still remember joining Amity as a shy person back in 2019 having stage fear and was afraid to share my ideas. Amity helped me become a better version of myself and helped me overcome my stage fear with every presentation I gave in front of my class. The faculties are very supportive and let us present our ideas and clear our doubts. These factors played a compounding role when I appeared for placement at Celigo, where I could answer the questions confidently and was selected. Thank you, Amity for bringing the opportunities to us.

Sahil Chaudhary
B.Tech. (Information Technology),2018-2022
Achievement: Cleared SSB (All India Rank 1)
Job Offered: Lieutenant (Class -1, Grade A, Gazetted officer)

I, Sahil Chaudhary, from the Department of Information Technology, Amity School of Engineering & Technology, Amity University Uttar Pradesh appeared for SSB interview through SCC Technical Entry. I cleared SSB from Allahabad board and then medicals. In the merit list, I secured All India Rank 1 in Information Technology stream. I have been offered the post of Lieutenant (Class -1, Grade A, Gazetted officer). I must say that the platforms, all-round development and grooming provided by Amity University helped me at various stages of the selection and I am very grateful to the staff and management of the University.