Faculty Achievements

Research Group and Topic Presenter Highlights
Software Engineering Research Group

Reliability based software rating and assurance model
Mr. Rana Majumdar on 13th August 2015 Talk focused upon the following three key areas:
a) Software Reliability
b)Time to stop testing and Marketing decisions.
c) Price and warranty
Web Engineering Research Group

Information Retrieval
Ms. Parul Kalra on 24th September 2015 There were discussions on Information Retrieval Models, Information Retrieval with Cognitive Dimension, Applications of Information Retrieval.
ICT and Data Engineering Research Group

Data Mining techniques to generate patterns in Biological datasets
Ms. Shamita Malik on 1st October 2015 In the meeting there was a discussion about the peculiar characteristics emerged due to mutation of DNA or AGCT patterns. How this can be fabricated and hybrid can be formed.
Software Engineering Research Group

A Comparative Study of S-Shape and Concave Software Reliability Growth Models
Ms. Ela Kashyap on 21st January2015 The agenda of the meeting was to look into the progress of research activities, and to promote students scientific research interest in the area of software reliability. Talk focused on the following key areas:
  • Software Reliability Models
  • Behaviour of S-shape and Concave shape
  • Fault Detection Data
Distributed Systems Research Group

Synchronization in Distributed Systems
Mr. Sunil Kumar Chowdhary on 4th February 2015 Talk focused on the following key areas:
  • Synchronization in Distributed systems.
  • Leader election algorithm is one of the most widely used algorithms in networks because of the numerous applications.