Why Civil Engineering?

"Go for civil engineering, because civil engineering is the branch of engineering which teaches you the most about managing people. Managing people is a skill which is very, very useful and applies almost regardless of what you do." Sir John Harvey Jones, an English businessman quoted these words in favour of being a civil engineer.

Civil Engineering - Is it a right choice?

When you see the world around you, the physical aspects of society so well planned, the buildings well built, the roads so well connected, do you start wondering about the force behind such artificial excellence that creates so much convenience for us to live. Yes, the master mind behind such creation is a civil engineer. If the engineering disciplines are arranged as a pyramid, civil engineering sits as the base of the pyramid. If you are interested in wonderful infrastructures and magnificent construction, you must consider civil engineering as your career. A person interested in drawing or designing of structures can also find this career to be very suitable. As a civil engineer, it gives great pleasure to build something for others and be called a 'creator'. As Martin Luther King Jr. rightfully said "Life's most persistent and urgent question is that- What you are doing for others?"

Civil Engineering - Technical Diversity

Market Scenario - Demand for Civil Engineers

Civil Engineers - Scope to explore more and more...

  • Can I be part of smart, green, sustainable construction set to transform the life?
  • How to analyse and design structures like buildings, dams, reservoirs, bridges, etc?
  • How to construct highways, expressways, rural roads, railways, airports, ports, harbour & tunnels?
  • How to plan for water supply and waste water treatment?
  • How to assess the amount of water required for irrigation and then construct the canal?
  • How to divert the river or connect the river banks by constructing bridges?
  • How to test the engineering properties of soil and treat it for improving the strength for supporting tall and beautiful structures?
  • How to assess the quality & energy efficiency of a construction project?
  • How to manage a infrastructure project spread over acres and over multiple construction sites?
  • How to engineer the traffic congestion?

Employment Opportunities

Why @ Amity?

  • Up-to-date lab facilities
  • Highly qualified & experienced faculty members
  • Curriculum crafted in consultation with the industry.
  • Two-stage industrial training with industry collaborated projects in final year
  • Collaboration with Skill Councils for offering skill courses related to construction & public health.
  • Opportunity to get global exposure and improve employment opportunity through Study Abroad Programmes/Student Exchange Programmes.
  • Opportunity to be part of international and national civil engineering society like American Society of Civil Engineers, Institution of Civil Engineers, Indian Building Congress etc.


  • Industry 4.0 ready
  • Upto 100% Scholarships
  • 100% Placement Assistance
  • Experienced and Highly Qualified Faculty
  • Well Equipped Labs
  • Hi Tech Campus
  • Strong Alumni Connect
  • International Tie ups
  • 5 Weeks Inclusive Study Abroad Program
  • B. Tech Lateral Entry (2nd Year)



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