Research Seminars



Topic of Presentation



Mr. Nilesh B. Mishra

Rehabilitation and Retrofitting of Structures


Mr. Ashish Kashyap

Parametric study of stability of embankments


Dr. K. K. Jain

Predictive models for deteriorating RC structures


Dr. Ghanshyam Pal

Enhancing the performance overhead high power electric transmission wires using CNS composites


Dr. Sanjeev Mukherjee

Behaviour of helical screw anchors in sand


Dr. Naga Swetha Pesupulati

Geospatial and statistical methods to prioritize zones and model intercity truck crashes


Dr. R. K. Tomar

Expert system approach for solar radiation estimation and prediction for application in buildings


Dr. Rajni Saggu

Thermo-mechanical behaviour of geothermal energy piles in Sand



Ms. Madhuri Kumari

Spatial interpolation of rainfall in data sparse region using geostatistical methods


Dr. Sabita Madhvi Singh

PTime series analysis of hydrometeorological process in a watershed


Ms. Ruchita Tripahi

Applications of geographic information system (GIS) in Transportatione Engineering


Prof. J. Bhattacharjee

Rehabilitation/Retrofitting of Concrete Structures Using latest materials/techniques along with case study


27.07.17 Strategies for disaster management as a preventive measure to reduce impact Prof (Dr.) J. Bhattacharjee
10.08.17 Strength and durability properties of fly ashbased geo polymer concrete Mr. Ankur Mehta
14.09.17 Investigation of traffic characteristics ofsignalized inter section Mr. S. Biswas
28.09.17 Pattern condensation Ms. Punj Lata Singh


25.01.2018 Liquefaction of soil using in situ test Dr. Pradeep Muley

Research Seminar  - 2018-2019

S.No. Date Research Group / Dept. Topic of the Seminar Name of Speaker Venue Timing
26.07.2018   Building technology & Rehabilitation of Structures Group / CE Fundamental time period of buildings  Dr. S. Varadharajan   E1-111  4.00 PM
 2 30.08.2018   Energy & Environmental Engineering Group / CE Greening of Building  Mr. Prakhar Duggal   E1-111  4.00 PM
3 27.09.2018  Geotechnical / Soil Mechanics Group  Helical Screw Anchor Foundation  Dr. Sanjeev Mukherjee  E1-111  4.00 PM 
4 24.01.2019 Transportation & Geotechnical Engineering Group Can Flexible Pavements be converted to Rigid pavements?" Dr. Surender Singh E1-110 3.00 PM sent on 24.01.2019
5 14.02.2019 Building technology & Rehabilitation of Structures Group Bamboo as Reinforcement in Prefabricated Wall Panels Mr. Vishal Puri E1-110 3.00 PM sent on 14.02.2019
6 14.03.2019 Energy & Environmental Engineering Group Green Building Mr. Prakhar Duggal E1-110 3.00 PM

Research Seminar  - 2019-2020

S.No. Date Research Group / Dept. Topic of the Seminar Name of Speaker Venue Timing
1  29.08.2019  Building Technology & Rehabilitation of Structures Group Challenges in the Construction of the Metro Bridges Dr. Priyanka Singh  E1-111  4.00 PM - 5.00 PM  
2  19.09.2019  Transportation & Geo-technical EngineeringGroup Active earth pressureon retaining walls subjected to seismic loading  Dr. Sunil Khuntia E1-111  4.00 PM - 5.00 PM   
3 25.10.2019 Building Technology & Rehabilitation of Structures Group Study of irregular RC buildings  under seismic effect Dr. S. Varadharajan E1-109      2.00 PM   
4 30.01.2020 Building Technology & Rehabilitation of Structures Group Green Concepts of Building  Mr. Ujjwal  Bhardwaj  E1-111  4.00 PM - 5.00 PM 
5 27.02.2020  Energy & Environmental Engineering Group Spatial decision support system for river pollution monitoring  Prof. (Dr.) Madhuri Kumari E1-111  4.00 PM - 5.00 PM 
6 26.03.2020 Transportation & Geo-technical Engineering Group  Organic  Solid waste management compositing practices in India   Mr. S. K. Jain E1-111  4.00 PM - 5.00 PM 
7 09.04.2020  Energy & Environmental Engineering Group Spatial decision support system for river pollution monitoring  Prof. (Dr.) Madhuri Kumari on MS team 4.00 PM - 5.00 PM 

Research Seminar  - 2020-2021

S.No. Date Research Group / Dept. Topic of the Seminar Name of Speaker Venue Timing
25.02.2021 Building Technology & Rehabilitation of Structures Group/CE   Role of Outcome Based Education in the Planning and Teaching of New Technologies Dr. Priyanka Singh Online   4.00 PM
2 18.03.2021 Energy & Environmental Engineering Group/CE  To study variation in Poisson's ration by varying percentage of steel and grade of concrete Mr. Prakhar Duggal Online 4.00 PM