Departmental Research Cells

Structural Engineering
Hybrid Cementitious Composite Material with Pre-engineered Aggregates, Computational modelling of composite materials, Earthquake Engineering, FEM & Retrofit
Energy & Environmental Engineering
Solar energy and built environment, Artificial intelligence application in buildings, GIS Application & Hydroinformatics, Water Resources Engineering and Irrigation Technology, Solid Waste Management, Climate change and its impact
Geotechnical Engineering
Geothermal Energy Piles , Soil Stability, Helical screw anchors in sand and clay for strength improvement, Soil stabilization using vertical drains
Transportation & Traffic Engineering
Transportation Safety & Sustainable Transportation, Innovative Materials for Pavements, Application of GIS in transport planning and transport safety
Building Technology and Rehabilitation of Structures
Vulnerability of Concrete structure & Repair/Rehabilitation/Retrofitting of Structures, Disaster Management, Condition Assessment and Non-destructive Testing of RC Structures, Computer Applications in Concrete Technology Domain, Passive Structure