Career Test

3 This category identifies how you make decisions and reach conclusions. Please Click on Either A or B :


  • Have truth as an objective.
  • Decide more with my head.
  • Question others' findings,'cause they might be wrong.
  • Notice ineffective reasoning.
  • Choose truthfulness over tactfulness.
  • Deal with people firmly, as needed.
  • Expect world to run on logical principles.
  • Appreciates standard ways to solve problems.
  • Notice pros & cons of each option.
  • See others' flaws critical.
  • Feelings valid if they're logical.
  • Tolerate occasional queries as to my emotional state in relationships.
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  • Have harmony as a goal.
  • Decide more with my heart.
  • Agree more with others' findings,'cause people are worth listening to.
  • Notice when people need support.
  • Choose tactfulness over truthfulness.
  • Deal with people compassionately.
  • Expect the world to recognize individual differences.
  • Note how an option has value and it affects people.
  • Like to please others; show appreciation.
  • ANY feeling is valid.
  • Appreciate frequent queries as to my emotional state.
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