Departmental Store

Fulfilling Daily Usage Needs

Inspite of big malls nearby, I like to stock daily necessities from the departmental store within the Campus.

On-Campus Teksons Bookshop

Books, greeting cards, stationery... I get everything at the popular Bookshop on Campus.


On-Campus Pencil, Paper & Print Shop

No more running for stationery items or borrowing pens and pencils from friends. Amity has the popular P3 stationery store on Campus.

Personal Care

Enhancing Appearance & Building Confidence

Why wait for Sundays or holidays for personal grooming? Amity has the world famous L'Oreal Salon on Campus offering world-class hair & skin care solutions.


Convenience of Home

On-Campus laundry service from the famous London House Finding time to wash laundry can sometimes be a challenge. To make life easier for students, Amity offers free laundry service. All clothes are washed in world-class washing machines and ironed.