Dr. Dr. Swati Madan

Associate Professor

Amity Institute of Pharmacy

Amity Institute of Pharmacy (AIP)

PhD (Pharmacognosy &Phytochemistry)
15 years
Pharmacognosy & Phytochemistry-II Theory & Practical, Microbiology Practical
Standardization of Herbal drugs, Extraction, Isolation, Formulation and Biological Evaluation of Herbal drugs
Pharmacognosy & Phytochemsitry
Associate Professor
QAE coordinator, Admissions Strategies/Admission Process
2. Course/Syllabus Designing and Sessions Plans
3. Registration/ Re-Registration/APWs
4. Orientation Program
5. Club-Committees formation/Activities
6. Time-Table Creation and Faculty Allocation
7. Students’ Academic Issues
8. Students’ Administrative Issues
9. Students’ Outdoor Activities
10. Students’ Indoor Activities
11. All Examination Related Activities
12. NTCC Related Activities
13. Placement/Progression Activities
14. Conduct of IQAC Meetings
15. Conduct of CR Meetings
16. Conduct of Mentor-Mentee Meetings
17. Conduct of Faculty Meetings
18. Visiting Faculty issues
19. Regular Faculty Appointment
20. Development of E-Contents by visiting faculty
21. Taking lectures in AIISM with AIP
22. Internship of all passing-out students
23. Looking after AIISM Clinic
24. Responsible for Maintenance/Upkeep for offices/
Amity Institute of Pharmacy (AIP)