Dr. Ankhi Mukherjee

Assistant Professor

Amity School of Communication

Films & Tv
Amity School of Communication (ASCO)

Dr. Ankhi Mukherjee was awarded Ph.D. in Film Studies in 2017 from The English and Foreign Languages University (E.F.L.U.), Hyderabad for her thesis, “Contemporary Latin American Cinema: Locating the Transition from the National to the Transnational”. Her dissertation is one of the first extensive studies on Latin American Cinema to come out from Indian academia. She did her M.A. in Film Studies with a First Class from Jadavpur University, Kolkata. Her postgraduate dissertation explored the inherent contradiction of Eurocentricism and Orientalism while depicting the Non-Western paradigm in Herge’s Tintin. She has over nine years of experience in Research and Teaching since postgraduate study. She has worked as a teaching assistant during her Ph.D under her supervisor Dr. Hrishikesh Ingle at E.F.L.U. She has presented papers in national and international conferences on a wide range of subjects, notable among them is her work on Alonso entitled, “The Relevance of the ‘Regional’ in the Transnational Latin American Cinema through the Films of Lisandro Alonso” presented at IAMCR, 2014. Her chapter on New Latin American Cinema will be published soon in the forthcoming anthology, Film Studies: An Introduction by Worldview Publishers (Delhi/Kolkata). Her research areas and interests are Latin American Cinema; Third Cinema; Transnational Cinema Theory; Post-Colonial Studies; Comics, Graphic Novels and Visual Culture; Eurocentricism and Non-Western Cinema; Intermediality and Pastiche; Cultural Memory Studies.
Amity School of Communication (ASCO)