07 May 2019|Gurgaon (Manesar) | D-Block

Research Activities and Collaboration with DRDO

Amity Institute of Nanotechnology, Amity University Haryana, organized a Faculty Development Program with two senior scientists from DRDO, Sh. Prateek Kishore, Scientist H, Outstanding Scientist & Additional Director and Sh Pramod Soni, Scientist F, Joint Director,TBRL (Terminal Ballistics Research Laboratory),who had important talks on Research Activities at DRDO and Academia collaboration for Research and development.

Sh. Prateek Kishore briefed about the Research and Development activities, achievements and the thrust areas of TBRL e.g. development of explosives for multipoint initiation system, testing and performance evaluation,  production and processing of High explosive compositions, Nano energetic, technologies, explosive initiators etc. In addition, he gave an idea regarding the lethality assessment of shells, bombs and warheads which are also carried out here. Dynamic testing of armaments and aerospace products are done at TBRL. Among the products developed and tested, a detailed description was given about Nirbhay Missile and Penta Rail Supersonic Track with their applications and testing specifications. He also gave an overview of the facilities and infrastructure at TBRL and encouraged the faculties to develop products which can be handed over to them for testing purposes. He also mentioned that the only facility in the country for environmental testing of HE filled warheads is present at TBRL. A brief idea about the types of projects being sanctioned by DRDO was also given by him.

Dr Pramod Soni gave an idea about the different research boards at DRDO and their functions, CARS and Centres of Excellence.

Both the scientists stressed on the role of academia in the field of research and development program and encouraged Amity’s participation. They extended the invitation for a partnership between the DRDO research program and the new thoughts and innovations of the researchers. They further welcomed all new thoughts and encouraged the faculties to collaborate, submit projects and file patents.