12 Apr 2019|Mumbai | Amity University Mumbai Campus

Amity University Mumbai Had Organized A Event On Gender Sensitisation To Mark Women's Day 2019

Amity Law School in collaboration with Majlis Legal Centre organised an event on Gender Sensitisation To Mark Women's Day 2019 andchief guest of the event was Adv. Nausheen Yousuf  Mandviwala. It was a half day program that gave students a platform to express their opinion by using verbal (Skits, slogans, jingles/songs, speech, etc.) and non verbal (Posters, banners, charts, etc) expressions. This event focused on rights of women and the students were judged by a panel of judges and were given awards and certificates for their participations.

The objective of the event was to: 

1) Focusing on the rights of women.

2) Concerning about recent changes and its acceptance in the society.

3) Creating awareness and sensitivity over general issues faced by the other half of the world. 

4) Developing student’s oratory and creative skills.