10 Apr 2019|Mumbai | Amity University Mumbai, City Office

Presentation On Internship Program In Marketing, Creative and IT

Corporate Resource Center team of Amity University Mumbai organized a presentation on Internship Program in Marketing, Creative and IT, for Amity School of Engineering and Technology, Amity Institute of Information Technology & Amity School of Communication students. 

POPshot is an Indo French company headquartered in France and the team from Popshot, Ms. Apoorva Mulani Head HR, Ms. Neha Rajput and Mr. Faizal had an interaction regarding project opportunities in Marketing, Creative and IT. Their organization is building a new gen communication app called POP. The team highlighted on the following topics "Tech, Innovation & Entrepreneurship". They are offering opportunities to Amity students to work on a LIVE project in the beta phase and get hands on experience on the entire gamut of POP and launch of a tech product, worldwide. This project will have  a research oriented approach and will revolve around 3 pillars - user engagement and acquisition  strategy, Product development strategy and Marketing and product positioning strategy. The team also met students on a one-on-one basis and guided them to be prepared for this opportunity.