08 Feb 2019|Noida | I 2 Moot Court

Sadak Suraksha- Jeevan Raksha : A Road Safety Program

 Amity University, Uttar Pradesh in association with Suraksha Foundation organized a seminar today on “Sadak Suraksha- Jeevan Raksha : A Road Safety Program” at Amity University Campus. The event was organized to mark the celebration of 30th Road Safety Week – 2019, initiated by the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, Govt. of India to spread awareness about the importance of Road Safety amongst the students who are backbone of the nation and responsible citizens of New India.

In her opening address to the audience, Ms. Dimple Singh, Chairperson, Suraksha Foundation, said that there could have been no other place better than Amity for launching this campaign as it covers a large crowd of students. She apprised the audience about her organization and said that we must always remain alert on the roads because accidents take place in a fraction of second. “Nothing is more important than your life, so it’s better being safe; than being sorry”, she added.

Expressing her concern over the soaring numbers of road accidents in India, Dr. Balvinder Shukla, Vice-chancellor, Amity University said that accidents usually don’t occur because of bad roads but by the attitude and approach while driving. The fact that people are always in a rush lead to mishaps that were easily evitable. She exclaimed that Amity University, by organizing such seminars, wants to spread awareness amongst all so that Noida could become one of the least accident-prone areas of the country.  

Mr. Rahul Kashyap, Senior Journalist, discussed the significant role played by NGO’s in implementing road safety measures. He exclaimed that in the current scenario accidents are proving more deadlier than diseases. He said that mass participation and awareness are the keys to lessen the incidents of road accidents. Just by being a little more alert we could not only save our lives but also the lives of others.

Apprising the audience, Mr. Sumit Singh, Executive Director, Lok Sabha TV, said that the Pedestrians have the first right on the road and then the others. He said that if we imitate the action heroes and stuntmen we could be causing dangers to our own lives so it is better to act sensibly. Addressing the youth among the audience he exclaimed, “You all must take charge of all your actions; be it on or off the road. Never drink and drive because the consequences could be adverse.”

Sharing his views on the economic and social impact on the families of victims of road accidents, Mr. Manoranjan Kumar, Commissioner, EPFO, Government of India, said that the families of the victim often become heavily indebted as a huge amount of money is spent in the treatment of the victim. Victims of the road accidents often also find it difficult in re-gaining jobs after the mishaps. People who become physically disabled become a burden on their families and the family receives a major blow. Therefore, people need to be more disciplined on the roads while driving or walking.

A Road Safety Oath was taken by hundreds of students on the occasion in which they pledged to abide by the safety rules (Pledge attached). Dr. Marshal Mukesh Sahni, DSW, Amity University and Professor Vineeta Prasad, HOI, Amity Institute of English Studies and Research also rendered the students a piece of advice. A small video was screened on the road safety measures to show how important it is to follow signals, wear helmets, fasten the seatbelts, not talking on the phone and give preference to pedestrians.

The Road Safety Program commenced from 4th to 8th of February, 2019 wherein students also displayed placards and posters on road safety measures and created awareness amongst students and faculty. The ‘ATMA’ NGO also conducted a check on the tyres of the vehicles parked in the campus and advised on how to upkeep the health of the tyre and the vehicle.