03 Sep 2007|Noida | Amity University Campus, Sector-125, Noida

Management Students from College of Management Israel visited Amity Campus

A group of 22 Management students from The Business School, The College of Management, Israel visited Amity Campus on September 03, 2007. The delegation was headed by Prof. Oren Kaplan, Senior Faculty, School of Business Administration, The College of Management. Group was accompanied by Ms. Sharon Rappaport, Head of Scientific & Cultural Affairs, Embassy of Israel, New Delhi and Ms. Ruchi Nanda.

The visit is built around to experience a culture different from the western world, especially as Indian spirituality and culture breed, different management thinking, conflicts amd decision making processes.

The College of Management has over 9,000 students and more than 20,000 graduates, it is the largest college of higher education in Israel. The college provides 13 undergraduate and gracduate programs and has a strong orientation towards applied research. It has very close link with the business community in Israel and around the world.

The delgation was here to search out the options for student and faculty exchange. They interacted with faculty and students of Amity International Business School.