28 Sep 2022|Noida | Amity University, Noida (Online)

Amity University organizes International E- Conference “Vijigishu-2022” on the theme “Synergizing India and Africa Relationship: Contemporary Realities and Emerging Concepts”


Amity Institute of International Studies (AIIS), Amity University Uttar Pradesh, Noida, organized a three-day International E-Conference “VIJIGISHU-2022” on the theme?“Synergising India and Africa Relationship: Contemporary Realities and Emerging Prospects” in collaboration with African Studies Association (ASA), Antar Rashtriya Sahayog Parishad (ARSP), The Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI) & Center for Policy Research and Governance (CPRG), from 28th September to 30th September, virtually.








Addressing the gathering during the Inaugural Session, Chief Guest,


H.E.  Mohammed Maliki, Ambassador, Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco, asserted, “Both countries have together fought against colonialism, wherein, Mahatma Gandhi, the great Indian leader, supported the Anti-Apartheid Movement in South Africa and helped India attain independence. India-Africa relationship is a two-way street and therefore there is need for capacity building, socio-economic cooperation and a strategic partnership, which will aid the development of both countries and foster close ties between the two nations.”

Sharing his views on the occasion, Ambassador, Virendra Gupta, President, Antar Rashtriya Sahayaog Parishad (ARSP – Council for International Collaboration, New Delhi), said, “India is a rich source of relevant emerging technologies and a provider of high quality education. When an African student visits India for higher education, he goes back to his country with new thoughts, immense knowledge, and a grand vision to contribute to the socio-economic development of his country. India and Africa have shared a unique relationship over the years and both countries should work together towards the development of the world. Under our honorable Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modiji’s leadership, key steps have been taken in this direction as more Indian leaders are visiting Africa frequently to deliberate on the areas of collaboration and draw synergies from each other.”

High Commissioner H.E., Mr. Sibusiso Ndebele, South African Ambassador to India, stated, “The launch of India-Africa Summit is a very good start to fostering the relationship between the two countries through mutual cooperation. There are tremendous possibilities, and the focus should be on human development, through joint initiatives as both countries are equal in every aspect and India is a reliable partner of Africa.”

Highlighting the significance of strengthening the ties between the two nations, Prof. Ajay Dubey, Chairperson, Special Centre for National Security Studies & the Center for African Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, asserted, “These kinds of conferences bring the young minds together to dwell upon the emerging prospects and synergizing India-Africa relationship. Even during the Pandemic, India reached out to Africa and offered support and assistance in combatting the hardships and challenges faced by the Africans due to the Pandemic. Around 3 million people of Indian origin have been residing in Africa for several decades and people-to-people contact must be established in all areas.”

Addressing the gathering, Prof.  (Dr.) Balvinder Shukla, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, Amity University Uttar Pradesh, averred, “Through this conference, Amity aims to strengthen the partnership between India and Africa by analysing the opportunities and challenges for India-Africa Relationship, understanding the views coming from diverse sources and geo-strategic, political, economic, socio-cultural dimensions and intricacies of the Indo-Africa region in the Covid world. India shares a great bond with Africa as a large Indian diaspora resides in the African countries and a huge number of African students come to India every year for higher education. The Conference will bring forth a lot of new ideas, concepts and ways of strengthening the ties between the two countries.”

Welcoming the guests during the Inaugural Session, Prof. (Dr.) Nagalaxmi M. Raman, Director & Head, AIIS, Amity University Uttar Pradesh, said, “The E- conference will emphasise upon various contemporary issues of India-Africa Relationship and its orientation in the contemporary times. Together with the eminent experts of the domain, Foreign Policy officers, Senior Professors, Research Scholars and Students, the aim of the Conference is to meet the to deliberate on the significance and importance of India-Africa Partnership, to dissect the diverse facets of engagements of Global and other major powers in influencing India-Africa Relationship.”

During the three-day conference, insightful technical sessions on “Indian Diaspora in Africa: Role and their Contribution”, “India and Africa: Enhancing Cooperation on Global Issues”, “India and Africa: Moving Towards a Comprehensive and Diverse Partnership”, “India-Africa Relationship”: “Prospects and Challenges, Agenda 2063” and “Taking Stock of India Africa Development Partnership” will be held by eminent panellists and speakers, along with Plenary Sessions on “Enhancing India-Africa Trade and Investment Linkages” and “Africa’s Relationship with India: A Diplomat’s View”.