30 Dec 2021|Jaipur | Amity University Rajasthan, Jaipur

Interactive Alumni Session

An interactive session with the students was conducted were they shared their experiences.   They   also   expresses   their   gratitude   and acknowledgement   towards   their   faculties   for   there   continues   support   & encouragements  and Amity  University  for  overall  development. They  shared  their incidences  and  about  the  event  in  which  they  participated  at  ASFT  which  gave them  lots  of  exposure.  They  also  shared  their  adventures  at  Amity  campus  and about  the  hostel  life  &  its  fun  parts.  They  told  about  the  working  processes  and inside of the Apparel Industries. They share their experiences with the students and motivated them.