05 Jan 2022|Gurgaon (Manesar) | Online

Panel Discussion on Imagine Learning


Amity Academic Leadership Forum For K-12 Schools India, Amity University Gurugram Organized Panel Discussion on Imagine Learning on 5th January 2022. Eminent Panelist were from Amity International School, Vasundhara -6, Ghaziabad, Tagore Schools, Faridabad, Birla School, Pilani, Shishu Kalyan Sr Sec. School Sector-86 ,Gurugram, ,Ambience Public School, Gurugram, St. Marks Sr. Secondary School, Delhi. 

Mr. Sachin Juneja , Director, Market Promotions moderated the session and discuss major key points on Imagine Learning. 

Ms. Manorama Arora , Academic Director , Tagore Schools ,Faridabad shared her words of wisdom on imagine learning. She explained the meaning of imagine learning to the participants. She explains that imagine means imaginary and learning means continuous revision of concepts and think out of the box. According to her teacher should be properly prepared with text notes and concepts so that they can prepare students for future with all real facts.  She mentioned that teacher should be able to fill gap education competent among students by using bridge gap programme.

Ms. Anjali Aggarwal, Principal, St. Marks Sr. Secondary  School, Delhi explained that

India is a wonderful country having different cultures and 22 different languages with many dialects, we can’t compare India with other countries like France, Polland having one language and culture throughout.

Although mother tongue is so easy to learn and speak but in case of India one language is not sufficient even mother tongue, English is a door to the world and learning a foreign language does not change your culture, she emphasized.

Mother tongue is easiest to learn by a child but a child between an age 8-12 can easily learn many languages at a time. Teaching language after elementary level is too late it should start since the beginning otherwise it will be like any 3rd subject like Sanskrit in class 9th

Lastly “Education should be fun”, she summarised. 

Ms. Sunila Athley, Principal, Amity International School, Vasundhara -6, Ghaziabad – 

Imagine learning is not just about students learning things and writing them out in tests and exams just to score good marks but it is more about the creative thinking of a student. Students should be able to observe and express themselves in the real world not just in schools.  

Nowadays technology took over the education industry too. Everything is getting online, students are attending schools in rectangles (Mobiles) from their homes .This practice will make them lack in discipline of dressing up for school, attending morning assembly, interacting with other students. Bascically, technology can’t fulfill the social and emotional need of students as well as it cannot replace the offline teaching of teachers.

Ms. Kalpana Kashyap, Principal of Shishu Kalyan School,Gurugram in discussion on the use of Technology: Yes or No, What the way forward you see once covid is over, she mentioned that technology is important, and we have more clarity on the uses and can stay in the personal touch with each student now.  

Technology was in the existence for a long but covid made it essential for all to use it at every step. It has given a balance for all in academics and experiential learning, technology is the best method to stay connected with all. 

She also mentioned the importance of experiential learning for the students and discussed the opportunities for students to engage intellectually, creatively, emotionally, socially, or physically. 

 Mr. Vivek Sharma, Vice-Principal of Ambience Public School, Gurugram in discussion on the same topic expressed his dissatisfaction that the report card has been considered as the more important evaluation in child life and what impact it causes for that student. 

He specified that we need to understand the difference between assessment & evaluation. We should make students more confident and do more assessments. In NEP assessments are more important.He also shared how they are motivating students in their school.  

Mr. Dhirendra Singh, Principal, Birla School, Pilani mentioned that

 Lockdown created impact on young Minds, All of us aware that this is a very fine line between Rural & Urban Spectrum in India. Our country is a rural based economy if India has to do well then we need to upgrade the real India that is Rural Area. We actually need to awaken the rural. 

As per a survey in India, 20% Kids don't go to school,29%  Kids don't have books & 66% do not feel engaged in any activity. Although for the betterment some of the NGO are doing a great job, People should come forward together to teach some students then it will create social & emotional connect too.Somewhere the community has to support this good Couse   & we need to create a learning environment through the help of technology also.

Summerising the session to what is one thing required to be India in top 100 Schools, Panelists mentioned that we must push the academic pedagogy and train our teachers well to bring effective outcomes. we also need to give our children freedom to explore innovative ideas.