16 Dec 2021-17 Jan 2022|Gwalior | Amity University Madhya Pradesh

Ice Breaking Session by Amity Business School

 Ice Breaking Session (2 Days)

The 2 days,“Ice Breaking Session” was conducted by Amity Business School, Amity University Madhya Pradesh from 16th–17th December, 2021. The2 Day event comprises of Talent Hunt (Day 1) and Ad-Mad Show (Day 2) is specifically designed for the 1st Year students of Amity Business School. The event was conducted under the guidance of Prof. (Dr) Anil Vashisht (Dy Pro VC,Dean Students welfare& Director, Amity University, Madhya Pradesh) and coordinators were Dr Anand Srivastava, Dr Vinod Yadav, Dr Prashant Raj Singh & Dr. Deepali Soni.
On day one (16thDec, 2021) the event starts with the prayer of Maa Saraswati. Taking her blessings and receiving the concent from, Prof. (Dr.) Anil Vashisht Sir, the event initiated with enthusiasm. The theme “Amity Got talent” comprises of huge number of participants from different fields like Singing, Solo Dance, Group Dance, Shayari, Instrument Play etc. The moto of the event is to induce the importance of co-curricular activity among new students of the department. Jury for Day 1 comprises of Dr. Manoj Pandey (HOD-ABS), Dr. Astha Joshi & Mr. Harendra Singh. 
Day 2 session (17th Dec, 2021) was also been initiated after taking Maa Saraswati’s blessings and receiving the node from the jury of the day, Prof. (Dr) Devendra Kumar Pandey, Mr. Naresh Kedia &Mr Rajeev Dewedi. The Theme for Day 2 is “Ad-Mad Show” with Pick-Chit as an add-on. Teams participated with zeal and demonstrates their skills and tactics during the show. 
The event intended to train the participants on both mental &physical aspects of participants, with emphasis on importance of co-co-curricular activity, so that they could become performing students and better human being in future. Also, the feedback taken from all the students was very cheering. They found all the activities very entertaining &useful as well and were very excited and enthusiastic during the entire 2 days of the event.                                                                  
The successful conduction of the 2Days Ice Breaking Sessionfurther strengthened the brand image of Amity University, as a research and innovation driven university among students across different institutions and universities.   
Winners of events are : Jeena Sara Regi BBA I B she bagged the medal in singing, Esha Sengar BBA I A she bagged the medal in dancing, the winners of Add-Mad show are Priyanshi Sharma, Nupur Bhakuni,Muskan Singh, Umang Khatwani and Prantika Sengar they all belongs form BBA I B and from poetry Ashal Zubair Ansari from (H) I.