16 Dec 2021|Noida | KVK, Gautam Buddha Nagar

AIOA & ACSS celebrate World Soil Day in association with KVK, Gautam Buddh Nagar and sponsored by IFFCO.

 AIOA & ACSS celebrate World Soil Day in association with KVK, Gautam Buddh Nagar and sponsored by IFFCO.


Dr. Mayank Rai, Head KVK, Gautam Buddha Nagar, U.P welcomed the gathering including the speakers & the farmer’s fraternity along with Dr. RS Antil, Principal Advisor, AFAF & Dr. Naleeni Ramawat., Director , Amity Institute of Organic Agriculture. He also expressed his sincere gratitude towards Hon’ble Founder President Sir, Shri Ashok K Chauhan who always thinks welfare of farmers.

Dr. Rai highlighted the progress of KVK, Gautam Buddha Nagar. He also warmly thanked IFFCO for the service of farmers in the field of Nano fertilizers.

Dr. RS Antil addressed the gathering and explained the importance of World Soil Day and stressed upon balanced use of fertilization along with best cultivation practices. He also spoke about preserving the health of soil by use of appropriate micro and macro nutrients. He explained about the significance of Gobar-Khad usage of bio-gas plant & judicious application of Urea & Phosphate in cultivation of Rice specifically along with importance of organic agriculture and organic cultivation in soil health management.

Mr. Aditya Kr. Verma, Assistant Prof, Amity Institute of Organic Agriculture, highlighted the benefits of soil testing to sustain soil health. He explained the importance & procedure of soil sampling for the sustainability.


Dr. Naleeni Ramawat, Director, briefed on Role of Nano fertilizers in Soil Health Improvement & overall productivity. Dr. Ramawat stressed upon the optimization of NPK combination & how the Nanofertilzers increase the nutrient use efficiency for a better yield. She emphasized on sustainable agriculture & chemical ecology of soil which requires a minimal use of agrochemicals. She also interacted with farmers and explained about the institute roles in developing organic agriculture.

Dr. Chitranjan Kumar, Asst. Prof., emphasized on role of bio-fertilizers along with micro-irrigation, & various other types of irrigation methods for nutrient & water use efficiency.

Dr. Sangeeta Pandey, Asst. Professor, AIOA delivered a talk on role of various microbes, in Soil Health Management. She emphasized on nutrient specific microbes and their bio-availability in plants.

Shri Birjvir Singh highlighted the IFFCO’s contribution towards the service of farmers for a sustainable soil health. Not only this, how the products of IFFCO like Nano Urea fertilizer to address the imbalanced & excessive use of conventional Urea.

The panel addressed the question and queries of farming community.

At the end, Dr. Mayank Rai delivered the vote of thanks.

There was food arrangement organized by KVK for farmers and Officials of IFFCO & Amity University.

IFFCO also distributed sprayers and their novel products to specific farmers.