09 Feb 2021|Jaipur | Amity University Jaipur (ONLINE PLATFORM)

Blogging and content writing- A youthful influencing

Going with the current trend of a paradigm shift from traditional marketing to digital marketing, Amity University Jaipur organized a one-day session for students on Blogging and Content Writing- A Youthful Influencing. 

With more than 1 billion users, Digital media is creating a significant effect on the day to day lives and as the technology is revolving on each day, organizations are waking up with the new opportunities right from the sales to research. Keeping this in mind, an effective one-day session was being introduced for the students to acknowledge them about the current industrial trends sharing them the careers and scopes related to the Blogging and Content Writing. 

The session started with the introduction of both the speakers Mr. Parmveer Singh Sandhu Founder Quibus Jaipur and Mr. Jitendra Patel Blogger, Writer, and Assistant professor, Prestige Institute of Management and Research Indore.

The moderator Mr. Vikas Rawat Social Media Officer at Amity University Rajasthan started the session by asking about the journey of both the speakers. 

The session emphasized on the following points:

  • Basics of getting into the Blogging and Content writing
  • Quality Blogging
  • Career Opportunities in India as a blogger and content writing.
  • Content writing and blogging after 5 yrs
  • Must have skills required in 2021 to become a successful blogger and content writer


The workshop proved to be very beneficial to all the participants in terms of learning and gaining a new experience of the digital world. After attending the workshop, the students were well equipped with the knowledge of writing effective and engaging content to persuade their audience. 

The attendees provided very positive feedback on the workshop conducted and also asked to conduct many more such workshops for their knowledge up-gradation and skill enhancement.