04 Feb 2021-|Mumbai | Amity University Mumbai, Campus

Amity University Mumbai Organized A Webinar On World Cancer Day

 World Cancer Day was organized by AIB, Amity University, Maharashtra in association with Cancer Patients Aid Association (CPAA) and Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) on February 4, 2021.

The focus of webinar was mostly to raise awareness and reduce stigma. Cure for Cancer seems to have become synonymous with a description of the impossible yet our medical, scientific and academic communities continue to carry the flame of wonder, curiosity and burning desire to find solutions. The solutions are varied in their application and effectiveness. An interesting field with immense impact.

Dr. Aparna Khanna gave us insights about current situation and kind of research and vaccine related work carried out around the world. She highlighted the work carried out by CPAA and how they are contributing in bringing awareness and total management of cancer since 1960. One of their recent project is focused on mass cervical cancer vaccination at Sindhudurg, Maharashtra. She highlighted on the recent advancements in diagnostics like liquid biopsy approach for early detection. She assured students that it will be a great learning experience in the field of cancer
First speaker of the event, Dr. Dhananjaya Saranath focused on Indian Cancer scenario. 1 million cancer cases are detected every year and the reason for high mortality is late diagnosis. Poverty, fear, ignorance and superstition add to the problem. She highlighted how early detection is important so that there is 80% cure whereas 20% cure for late detection.469.1 million Indian women are at risk of cervical cancer and it is sexually transmitted. The chances of cure becomes minimal when patients go to the doctor at late stage. She highlighted simple means of preventing cervical cancer (PAP test, HPV test and VIA test etc.). In end she focused on different cancer prevention strategies like 40 mins exercise, healthy diet, no obesity, no alcohol, no tobacco etc., annual checkup after 40-50 years. She ended her talk with a wonderful slogan Each one Teach ten.
Second speaker, Dr. Sujeet Kumar gave talk on "Overcoming Drug Resistance in Cancers: What Lies Next for Therapy". Dr. Kumar discussed the implications of drug-resistance towards health and diseases with emphasis to deregulations in signaling pathways. The presentation reflected on the challenges and the persistent issues of developing therapeutics despite the availability of time and best available technology as exemplified by one of the earliest Oncogene RAS; however still undruggable since ~40 years. Dr. Sujeet shared his work on the BRAF that has been established as an Oncogene since ~20 years, but not yet druggable with complete efficacy and safety. The identification of novel inhibitors, using virtual screening combined with Molecular Dynamics simulations, along with experimental validations towards potential translation into therapeutics, for the non-canonical mutants of BARF is the focus of Dr. Sujeet's work that is funded by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), Gov. of India.
Guest speakers (Academicians) ignited young minds with their talks and experiences followed by question and answer sessions. The events were highly educational and interactive for students and participants as well faculties.
Positive feedback was received from all participants stating they enjoyed the sessions and had an opportunity to witness and gain an understanding and importance of Biotechnology and its applications in the field of Cancer awareness, diagnosis and prevention.