03 Feb 2021|Noida | Amity University, Noida ( Online )

Lecture on 'The Art of Leadership' organized by Amity University

 A lecture on ‘The Art of Leadership’ was delivered by Mr. Vir Bharat - Head - Human Resource Business Partner - Yamaha Motor Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. The session was organized by Amity Global Business School Noida where insights were shared on "what it takes to be a successful leader in the corporate world", and how to develop their traits and skills. The lecture also highlighted the types of corporate leadership. During tbe interactive seminar, Mr. Bharat shared anecdotes and experiences of his professional journey. He asked students to define a leader while initiating the engagement with the students. He defined a leader as someone who can see better than others. He added that the person at the top needs to look ahead and chart a better path. He talked of the pyramid structure of leadership where the person at the top takes the organization in the right direction. 

Mr. Bharat stated that a leader’s role is very important in these tough times and he should be able to think about is to accept a situation or a problem and act accordingly & not deny it. Further, a leader should make its people realise that the situation can be addressed leading to navigation or survival. The best part of leadership during a crisis is to convert the adversity into an opportunity that has been showcased by several organizations and institutions across the globe. He talked about 3C’s including compassion, communication, and collaboration qualities of a good leader.  

Talking about the future of work he stated that the workforce of the future will be hired for their skills and students should work on their core skills that can add on to an organization. Further managing part-time workers will be a challenge for future leaders and how to strengthen the processes to have accountability & responsibility. A leader would also look at the challenge of governance in the organization & have strong control on IT with the liquid workforce. He also shared insights on the Productivity, proficiency and profitability management techniques. He called for having the right set of people and mindset in the organization. He shared that the 3Cs were followed in his organization during the pandemic period and people were asked to work together to sail through the turbulent period, adding on the growing sales. Mr. Bharat also responded to queries posed by students.