04 Feb 2021|Noida | Amity University, Noida ( Online )

“Building and Scaling Businesses: The New Priority for Growth in the COVID-Exit Era”

 A panel discussion on “Building and Scaling Businesses: The New Priority for Growth in the COVID-Exit Era” was organized by Amity University Uttar Pradesh. The panellists of the discussion were all alumnus of Amity University with a well-established presence in the corporate world who shared their journey and adaptations of their businesses during these COVID-19times.  

Dr. Balvinder Shukla, Vice-Chancellor, Amity University welcomed the high achieving alumnus. She stated that COVID-19 has impacted lives at personal, social & business level. Post-covid new normal will not be same as pre-covid and businesses have tried to adapt themselves to the circumstances. However, we are not sure about the end of covid-19. She added that the year 2021 has been welcomed with new hope and as a transition year looking at new business models, aligning education with industry requirements.  

Mr. Bimal Ramesh Madhavan, CEO, Lotus Consultancy FZE, UAE said that we are in the middle of vaccinations and yet not out of covid. He shared about how covid has been a gamechanger in the Mena Region and how the UAE is looking to get out of the situation at the macro and micro level. The spending & investment will play a critical role in the revival of the region’s economy. Various steps like a fractional investment in real estate are being taken to push economic growth.  

Mr. Abhishek Sharma, Director, Product Management and Marketing PreAnalaytiX, QIAGEN Venlo, Netherlands shared that it’s an extremely relevant topic of discussion in the unprecedented situation we are living in. He added that Biotechnology is playing a crucial role in this pandemic by contributing to the creation of the vaccines. He further averred that for the core industries, diversification across the value chain plays a critical role. If the processes of managing vendor relations, product diversification, managing customer relationship, managing diversified channels using technology are followed correctly, we can bounce back quickly from this situation.

Ms. Surbhi Arora, Principal Business Analyst, Edifecs, Seattle, USA shared that healthcare is a broad term and how the US healthcare system has several parts integrated. She stated that Covid exposed a lack of synergy between various levels in healthcare and how the US has its mitigation plan in place and is trying to recover from the pandemic.  

Ms. Swati Satpathy, Senior Consultant, Cyber Security, Ernst and Young, Texas, USA. shared her views on cybersecurity that has a cyber urgency during the pandemic. She stated that people want to be more aware as everything shifted to remote working during the pandemic. Threats in the home network need to be shared and prevent cyber theft. Privacy is a big concern but still needs to be imbibed in all countries across the globe. She discussed what can be done in the present and future to be more cyber secure.  

Mr. Pankaj Sahani, Technology lead, Batesville Casket Company, Indianapolis, USA. shared his experience in the death care industry and how it has been a tough journey during the pandemic. He talked about how his industry has been impacted by COVID-19 like every other industry.  

Mr. Prateek Tripathi - Consultant - Walgreens Boots Alliance, London, U.K talked about the present stressful time ridden with business challenges. He shared that traditional insights are now obsolete to manage businesses. He added that new areas have also come up with technology enabling people to rethink how businesses and social sectors are being managed.   

The session was moderated by Dr. Chandradeep Tandon, Dean – Faculty of Biosciences & Biotechnology and Dr. Sanjeev Bansal, Dean -Faculty of Management Studies & Director-Amity Business Schoo