10 Jul 2024|Noida | Amity University, Noida

Amity University, in collaboration with Bharat Forge Ltd., organizes “Bhartiya Raksha Vimarsh” (Indian Defence Dialogue) on “Defence Technology & Integrated Joint Warfighting Perspective”

Amity University Uttar Pradesh, in collaboration with Bharat Forge Ltd., Pune, organized “Bhartiya Raksha Vimarsha (Indian Defence Dialogue) on the theme “Defence Technology & Integrated Joint Warfighting Perspective”. On this historic occasion an MoU was also signed between Bharat Forge Ltd. and Amity University to strengthen the industry-academia partnership in the defence sector.

Sharing his enriching experiences, enlightening ideals, and empowering epitomes of transformative leadership in an entrepreneurial ‘student centric’ perspective, Chief Guest, Padma Bhushan, Shri Baba Kalyani, Chairman and Managing Director Bharat Forge Ltd, averred, “Amity University has established itself as a world-renowned institution known for its academic excellence and research initiatives. In 2047, India will become Viksit Bharat and it is in our DNA to make that happen. Today there are round 31 countries who are at war with each other, and defence is extremely important for the safety and security of a country but also for developing technology. Defence should not be driven by policy and procedures and should always be driven by technology. “Aatm Nirbharta” or self-reliance means designing and developing your own products and India needs to develop its own product, in order to become self-reliant. India has many advantages over other countries since the average population of India is around twenty-nine years old, which is very young as compared to western countries. Therefore, the opportunities are huge and unlimited for the younger generation provided they use it to the fullest. All big defence manufacturers are being replaced by young startups and the whole word is moving towards AI. Once Quantum Computing and AI are rigorously used in the manufacturing industry, there will be unlimited opportunities for India. These opportunities are rare and not many countries have it, therefore, it is up to us to make the most of these opportunities and make India technologically the most advanced country, in defence sector as well..”

Delivering his powerful and inspirational address, Dr B.K. Das, Distinguished Scientist and Director General (ECS), DRDO, opined, “India has emerged as a fast-developing country in the world and has achieved many milestones in the recent years. Every Indian must strongly believe that their country is the best country in the world in all areas including spirituality, economy, research, science and innovation.  Indian economy is the fifth largest economy in the world today, however, export is very important for the economy to grow and have grown to 2.63 billion dollars in the last one year, which is a testimony of excellent growth.” He described INDIA, wherein I stands for Industries, N for National Forces including the MSMEs, D for DRDO, I for Incubation Centres and A for Academics, which together will pave the way for national development.” He emphasised that India is moving towards taking the lead in the manufacturing sector.

Addressing the gathering, Dr. Atul Chauhan, Chancellor Amity University asserted, “We are extremely grateful to Shri Baba Kalyani, Chairman and MD Bharat Forge Ltd. to share his inspirational success story with the students. The defence industry sector of India is a strategically important sector in India and Amity University was the first university to start M. Tech in Defence Technology. The current generation is very fortunate to be growing up in times, when the future belongs to India and the whole world is looking towards our country. The future lies in the hands of our young transformational leaders who are responsible for making their country the most developed country in the world.”

Highlighting the significance of the MoU Signing Ceremony, Prof (Dr) Balvinder Shukla, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor stated, “Amity University has the great mission of transforming the world through education. It is extremely crucial to have a strong industry-academia collaboration and the curriculum needs to be designed in line with the industry requirements. Through this partnership, we aim to train the students of Defence Technology and the MoU is not a ceremony but a commitment to work towards fulfilling the vision of Viksit Bharat.”

Dr. W. Selvamurthy, President Amity Science Technology and Innovation Foundation, said, “Research and innovation are the key focus areas at Amity and companies like Bharat Forge have changed the defence research ecosystem of the country. Today’s sessions and inspiring talks will be highly beneficial for our students, and they must take lead in contributing significantly to the defence sector, since the future belongs to them.”

Welcoming the guests on the occasion, Lt Gen (Dr) SK Gadeock, AVSM (Retd), Director General Amity Institute of Defence and Strategic Studies, said, “Today marks a momentous day as Shri baba Kalyani ji has consented to grace the occasion and enlighten us through his exemplary contribution to the defence industry, visionary thoughts and inspirational words. Such events are organized to veritably leverage the ‘Awareness & Cerebral Quotient’ of Amitians on strategic issues towards better ‘Assimilation & Rational Understanding’ of defence and national security conundrums, with its systemic ramifications in perspective. Students of Amity must take a pledge to contribute to the development of the country.”

During the one- day Bhartiya Raksha Vimarsha, sessions on topics such as, “The Transforming Landscape of Warfare: Gaining Insight into the Dynamic Changes” and “The Technological Revolution: Analysing the effects on Military Operations”, were also conducted wherein defence experts including  Air Marshal Anil Chopra,  Former Director General, Centre for Air Power Studies (CAPS), New Delhi, Maj Gen BK Sharma, AVSM, SM & Bar, Director, United Services Institute of India (USI),  Lt Gen Sunil Srivastava, AVSM, VSM** (Retd), former Director Centre for Joint Warfare Studies (CENJOWS), Lt Gen Dushyant Singh, PVSM, AVSM, VSM (Retd), Director General Centre for Land Warfare Studies (CLAWS), Dr Swasti Rao, Associate Fellow, Manohar Parrikar Institute for Defence Studies and Analysis (MP-IDSA), amongst many others elucidated on significant contextual issues. The event was very well attended by faculty, students and PhD Scholars from Amity Universities, Tri Services Institutions, various dignitaries, senior veterans from the Armed Forces and other eminent citizenry from the NCR.