05 Apr 2024|Jaipur | Moot Court, Amity Law School, AUR


IP Legal and Ethical Committee in association with Amity Law School, Amity University Rajasthan, organised a workshop on PATENT FILING AND LEGAL FRAMEWORK for Faculty members, Research scholars, PHD students and postgraduate as well as graduate students on 5th April 2024. Prof. (Dr.) Amit Jain gave the welcome address to the audience at the moot court hall. The expert speakers of the event were Dr. G R Raghavender and Dr. BP SINGH. Attendees had the privilege of interacting directly with our expert speakers allowing them to seek guidance, ask questions, and gain insights from a seasoned legal practitioner. During the workshop the speakers shared a few compelling real-world case study. They discussed court cases, providing attendees with an in-depth analysis of the legal strategies employed and the ethical considerations involved. The workshop captivated the attention, sparking a lively discussion among attendees and enhancing their understanding of the complexities of advocacy in contemporary legal practice. The workshop was followed by vote of thanks from Dr. Gopalam Sultania.