12 Dec 2023|Lucknow | Lucknow Campus


The Auditorium of Amity University buzzed with anticipation and excitement as the academic community gathered for the prestigious Degree Distribution ceremony conducted between 11th December to 14th December 2023 at Amity Lucknow Campus. The event marked a day of reflection on accomplishments, and a celebration of academic excellence.

The ceremony was graced by the presence of distinguished personalities and accomplished individuals, guest and their inspiring words resonated with the graduating students, motivating them to embark on their professional journeys with zeal and determination. The university leadership, in their addresses, emphasized the transformative power of education and the responsibility that comes with knowledge. Graduates were encouraged to carry the values instilled by Amity University into their respective fields, becoming catalysts for positive change in society.

The highlight of the Degree Distribution ceremony was the recognition of outstanding achievements by the graduating class. Academic excellence, research contributions, and extracurricular accomplishments were acknowledged and celebrated. Notable students received awards and accolades for their exceptional performances, setting a high standard for future generations. Degree Distribution Ceremony -2023, The Total 362 students of Amity Institute of Biotechnology, Amity Institute of Information Technology, Amity School of Applied Arts, Amity School of Architecture & Planning, Amity School of Engineering & Technology Lucknow received the degrees, certificate, Academic Awards on day-2 i.e. 12-Dec-2023.

The awards were given on various fields such as Shree Baljit Shastri Award for Best in Human & Traditional Values. Total 31 students (including all 4 days) were awarded with Citation and Certificates. Total 06 students were awarded the Best All Round Awards (Trophy), 01 Corporate Awards -Most Meritorious student in the Mechanical Engineering & 84 Medals (33 Gold, 33 Silver & 18 Bronze) were awarded.

The Degree Distribution ceremony was not only a formal recognition of academic accomplishments but also a time for creating lasting memories. Graduates, clad in traditional academic regalia, walked across the stage to receive their degrees, symbolizing the culmination of years of hard work and dedication. The joyous atmosphere was palpable as families, friends, and faculty members applauded the graduates for their achievements. As the graduates tossed their caps into the air, the Degree Distribution ceremony, at Amity University concluded, leaving behind a sense of accomplishment, pride, and nostalgia.

The Degree Distribution ceremony 2023 at Amity University Lucknow Campus will be remembered as a milestone, a moment when the torch of knowledge was passed to a new generation of leaders, ready to shape the future with their acquired skills, values, and aspirations.