29 Apr 2022|Gurgaon (Manesar) | AUH

Poster/Illustration Making and Video Creation Competition

Poster / Illustration making and video creation competition was organized by Amity School of Engineering and Technology on the celebration of day of belongingness on the auspicious occasion of birthday of hon’ble chancellor AUUP & president, RBEF Dr. Atul Chauhan Ji. The Poster / Illustration making and video creation competition started at 10 a.m. The faculty members were welcomed by the organizers of the event. Event started with an introduction of the event. The rules were explained well to the participants. The resources bought by the participants were checked to ensure a fair competition amongst the participants. The participants of the video making competition started their work as well as the participants of poster/illustration making. Topics for Poster making was something related to innovation day, topic for illustration making was a digital portrait of hon’ble chancellor Dr. Atul Chauhan ji whereas the topic for video creation competition was to make a short video on our campus. Students participated with zeal and enjoyed various activities. Overall, it was both inspiring and an enjoyable event.

Total no of participants was 26.