Master of Technology (Defence Technology)

Program Code 101588

Campus Noida

Institute Amity Institute of Defence Technology

University Amity University Uttar Pradesh

Eligibility B.E. / B. Tech./ AMIE in any stream/ ...

Duration 2 Years

Selection Process For the time being Selection Process is ...

  • Program Fee (Rs. in Lacs)
  • 1st Year Non Sponsored Semester 0.840
  • 1st Year Sponsored Semester Fee 1.260

Course Structure

1st Year

Semester 1

  • Minor Project - I [Non Teaching Credit Courses]
  • Seminar - I [Non Teaching Credit Courses]
  • Advanced Engineering Mathematics [Core Courses]
  • Systems and Warfare Platform: Combat Vehicle Technology and Naval Technology [Core Courses]
  • Systems and Warfare Platform:Aerospace Engineering, Rockets, Missiles and Communication Systems & Sensors [Core Courses]
  • Systems and Warfare Platform:Directed Energy Weapons, High Energy Material and Disruptive Technology [Core Courses]
  • Warfare Simulations and Strategies [Core Courses]
  • Professional & Business Communication [Communication Skills]
  • Foreign Business Language
  • Open Elective Courses
  • Outdoor Activity Based Courses

Semester 2

  • Acquisition, Tracking and Pointing Technology [Specialisation Elective Courses]
  • Advanced Analytical Techniques and Lab Testing [Specialisation Elective Courses]
  • Advanced Digital Modulation Technologies and Standards [Specialisation Elective Courses]
  • Advanced Lightweight and Composite Structures [Specialisation Elective Courses]
  • Air Independent Propulsion and Batteries [Specialisation Elective Courses]
  • Data Acquisition, Tracking and Post Flight Analysis [Specialisation Elective Courses]
  • Defence Electro-Optics and Imaging Systems [Specialisation Elective Courses]
  • EMI/EMC in Military Systems [Specialisation Elective Courses]
  • Fundamental of Telemetry, Telecomm and Transponder [Specialisation Elective Courses]
  • Introduction to Computational Aerodynamics [Specialisation Elective Courses]
  • Jamming and ECM/ECCM Technologies [Specialisation Elective Courses]
  • Launch Vehicle Design and Analysis [Specialisation Elective Courses]
  • Modeling and Simulation of Laser Matter Interaction [Specialisation Elective Courses]
  • MSS/MCC Robotics [Specialisation Elective Courses]
  • Naval Ocean Analysis and Prediction [Specialisation Elective Courses]
  • Safety, Health and Hazard Management [Specialisation Elective Courses]
  • Sensor Technology [Specialisation Elective Courses]
  • Software Defined Radios [Specialisation Elective Courses]
  • Sonar System Engineering [Specialisation Elective Courses]
  • Structural Dynamics and Aeroelasticity [Specialisation Elective Courses]
  • Test Methodologies for DEW Systems [Specialisation Elective Courses]
  • Trajectories Modeling and Simulation [Specialisation Elective Courses]
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Design [Specialisation Elective Courses]
  • Minor Project - II [Non Teaching Credit Courses]
  • Seminar - II [Non Teaching Credit Courses]
  • Digital and Satellite Communication and Navigation [Core Courses (Defence Technology) (Communication Systems & Sensors ) ]
  • Radar Technologies [Core Courses (Defence Technology) (Communication Systems & Sensors ) ]
  • Tactical Battlefield Communication and Electronic Warfare [Core Courses (Defence Technology) (Communication Systems & Sensors ) ]
  • Combat System Engineering [Core Courses (Defence Technology) (Combat Vehicle Engineering ) ]
  • Combat Vehicle Dynamics [Core Courses (Defence Technology) (Combat Vehicle Engineering ) ]
  • Test and Evaluation of Weapon System [Core Courses (Defence Technology) (Combat Vehicle Engineering ) ]
  • Aerospace Propulsion [Core Courses (Defence Technology) (Aerospace Technology ) ]
  • Aerospace System Configuration, Design and Simulation [Core Courses (Defence Technology) (Aerospace Technology ) ]
  • Guidance and Control [Core Courses (Defence Technology) (Aerospace Technology ) ]
  • Cognitive Analytics & Social Skills for Professional Development [Behavioural Science]
  • Foreign Business Language
  • Open Elective Courses
  • Outdoor Activity Based Courses

2nd Year

Semester 3

  • Dissertation - I [Non Teaching Credit Courses]
  • Industry Internship [Non Teaching Credit Courses]
  • Professional Ethics and Social Responsibility for Sustainability [Professional Ethics]
  • Foreign Business Language
  • Open Elective Courses
  • Outdoor Activity Based Courses

Semester 4

  • Dissertation - II [Non Teaching Credit Courses]
  • Foreign Business Language
  • Open Elective Courses
  • Outdoor Activity Based Courses