02 May 2019|Gurgaon (Manesar)

School Health Program conducted at Government School by Amity University Gurugram Students

Amity College of Nursing Students and faculty with Govt. Primary school students and Head master

The faculty and students of Amity College of Nursing organised School Health Programme to create awareness about Personal hygiene. This program was conducted for the students of Govt. Primary School, Bhorakalan, Gurugram on 2nd May 2019. Physical assessment was done for all the students of the school. This activity was done under the Supervision and Guidance of Mr. Naveena J H, Assistant Professor, Amity College of Nursing.

Health education was given by nursing students regarding effects of lack of Personal Hygiene and Environmental sanitation. Students were also told about hand washing technique, brushing technique & prevention of various diseases.

Nursing students conducted assessment of all the school students who were 28 in numbers, and analysed their health status. The screening was done for Height, Weight, BMI Station, ENT, Head and Neck Station, Abdomen and Extremities, Vision Station. Out of 28, 4 Minor cases were identified and reported to the school authorities, Parents and Primary Health Care(PHC). 

The program ran smoothly with the cooperation of School authorities and children. The participants expressed that the whole program was much needed and was highly beneficial to them and they will raise awareness among other students in the school as well.


Amity College of Nursing student doing vision test of school children