Campus Tour

Amity University Gurugram is a premier institute with state-of-the-art facilities that makes the campus a heaven for education, self-development, enjoyment, growth.

On entering the great 110-acre campus of Amity University Haryana you are greeted by the green lush of forest and the beautiful hills of Aravali that nestles the campus in its folds. You breathe relatively easy as the education valley is away from the polluted and infamous NCR air yet close enough due to its proximity to Gurugram and the constant connectivity of transportation that’s available to and from the campus. The flora and fauna, the fresh- crisp air and the thoughtfully created infrastructure, which is Platinum Leed certified, make this campus beautiful, convenient and unique.

As you enter the main gate your eyes are instantly gravitated to the decades old Banyan Tree which in itself is legendary and a witness to many tales of success, victory and joy. It also is a cool harbor for students as they love to relax, introspect and enjoy in its Bodhi tree like presence. It also provides respite from the heat when the temperature soars during the hot Indian summers. The chirpy sounds of the Peacocks who have made it their abode and the cool breeze provide the experience which can only be termed heavenly. In the evening the same tree becomes iconic when lit beautifully with decorative and colorful lights. One can find many students seated in and around the benches under the tree enjoying beauty of nature and each other’s company. In the winter, it is the perfect place to sit during lunch and experience warm winter sun and get the comfortable respite from the cold winter air.

Not very far from the legendary Banyan tree is the Hostel Plaza. The most happening place on the campus, it is surrounded by three magnificent Hostel blocks for boys and girls. A lovely row of green shrubbery separates boys’ hostel from girls’ but what is undivided and indiscriminate is ‘Friendship’ which is made right here among the infinite ‘over the cup’ and ‘over the shared Maggie plates’. From finding different groups of people to finding that one best friend, the memories made here in AUH hostels are going to be a joy forever whether they culminate in the joyous moments spent together or in few tears that you shed when parting with them.

The same hostel Plaza also boosts of numerous delectable food options in eateries that suit all tastes. The place is always buzzing with lively and happy people during Lunch hour and after academic hours. Sipping coffee while chit-chatting with friends in the evening at Café Coffee Day, is one of the most amazing experiences of hostel life here. In Dosa Plaza, you will be able to spot groups of people just relaxing and hanging out, enjoying a Cold Coffee in the summer or Chilly Honey Potatoes in winters. The place is bustling with laughter amid jokes and little college anecdotes that will be cherished much after the college life has ended.

There also is a Hostel Mess and the meals available here tastes closest to what one can get away from home. There is another mess at the back of the plaza which caters to the active tastes buds with the comfort food like a piping hot Thali or some lip smacking tangy snacks like Samosas Chat or Maggie and that too at a very reasonable price. Another very important feature of the Hostel Plaza is the Departmental Store where all the utility and the daily need items are available. One just needs to hop a little distance to reach for a sudden need of toothpaste, a toiletry or to satiate the untimely cravings for chips or ice cream

After all the gastronomical indulgences one can’t ignore the very important need for physical fitness and daily exercise. The vast Sports Complex is just what the Doctor ordered. The sports complex within the campus includes facilities for all kinds of sports such as Basketball, Cricket, Tennis, Badminton, Volleyball, Football and athletics. A morning jog around the football field is a delightful way to kick start one’s day, and gears up for the challenges the rest of the day is going to bring.

For those who want to go beyond barriers, the unique Military Training Camp is all they wanted. For all the budding adventurers and enthusiasts who love the Adrenaline rush, this camp has activities that include Paragliding, rappelling, Burma Bridge and the ambience that matches one’s expectations for adventure.

For those who want to go beyond barriers, the unique Military Training Camp is all they wanted. For all the budding adventurers and enthusiasts who love the Adrenaline rush, this camp has activities that include Paragliding, rappelling, Burma Bridge and the ambience that matches one’s expectations for adventure.

Not very far from the Sports complex and MTC ground is the Dog Academy that is a heaven for Dog lovers and especially for those who miss their four-legged best friend left at home. Dozens of dogs are trained here in academy for military and police purposes in the most professional ways by trainers skilled in Dog training. A weekly dog show is conducted here for all the students and faculty members which is an experience in itself.

AUH aims at transforming its vibrant campus into a 24x7 university campus for constant involvement of its faculty and students in various cultural, social and academic activities that foster continual growth. From more cultural activities like acting and dancing, to social reach like teaching the underprivileged children of the slums and social welfare, extracurricular groups like various clubs, within the campus, not only help you make friends and find your tribe, but also help you grow together in the area of your interest and choice. A prime example would be Lavanya Sangwan who came as a student of Commerce but is now face of the music industry in Punjab and Haryana. Ms. Akshita Vatsayan, a student of Fashion school is now often seen on T.V Sitcoms. She was able to recognize her talent as part of Dramatics Society of Amity University Gurgaon, Ek Awaaz. Like our Akshita hundreds and thousands can find their true calling at Amity University Gurugram.

We all are aware of the importance of self learning hours and for that the state of the art central library is the perfect place. The library is a treasure for thousands of journals, books, reference books and research publications for self learning and research projects. A come of age library it is opposite of what one imagines of the libraries that one has come across during their school/college days. This library offers the latest infrastructure, fancy seating, group cubicles, IT desks, elevators and cheerful yet somber ambience.

From organic farming of spices and herbs to delicious fruit bearing trees, you can find various varieties of nature’s treasure trove in Herbal Garden, few metres away from Sports Ground. Being an eco-friendly and vegetarian campus, we encourage and use organic and natural products here.

Our academic blocks have four magnificent buildings replete with a beautiful infinity fountain adorning the centre of the blocks and outlining modern architecture of the campus. More than 100 Science, Research and Innovation labs are part of campus providing the latest experimental research facilities. The Central Instrument Research Facility Lab, the latest lab at AUH, provides central facility for using the latest and advanced analytical instrument for research. Researchers from all over the nation from various organizations and industries visit this lab to conduct their research work and fortunately, so can you! Explore your true research potential here!

The State of Art, Television Studio at Amity University Gurugram is an example of experiential learning. Here Journalism Students engage in a whole range of studio and outdoor production. Students work comprises of news bulletins, discussions based on current affairs and documentaries.

For aspirants who love debate and are proud of their logical skills, Amity Law School houses the Moot Court, where students gain practical experiences of legal court cases and real exposure of our legal system for law and other students. If you want to voice your opinion and take a stand we encourage you to participate and yourself be a part of these debates.

Innovation, hard work and determination are the three pillars for success. At AUH we practice innovation as our religion. Our Robotic lab has become the breeding ground for many inventions. The first of its kind, AmiBot was created here by our own students. Amibot is a smart Robo that reduces labour and increases efficiency.

The student of Amity University Gurugram, have also created a Solar Car and an AMIGO QUADCOPTER! These are just a few of the many achievements of our students here.

Imbibing the Spirit of Discipline and Patriotism and Making You a True Leader At the Military Training Camps, Amity students imbibe the value of discipline and a spirit of patriotism, commitment and perseverance by participating in a variety of activities like parasailing, trekking, shooting, rock climbing/rappelling, etc. which test their mental and physical agility.

All students undergo 7-days Military cum leadership Training Camp held at Amity University Gurugram. Students are trained by veterans of the armed forces. Amity University Gurugram has its focus on overall development of the students. We care for physical as well as mental well being. Our students here study, play, live, and enjoy their life to become a true Amitian for life.

Welcome to Amity University Gurugram !