Independent Study & Research

  • Earn credits for research (in ECE, EEE, CSE, IT, CE, & MAE).
  • Involves working towards patents and papers.
  • Research driven & involving flexible study plan.
  • Become competitive for MS / PhD abroad.
  • Excellent opportunities in R&D companies.

Independent Study & Research (ISR) Course - Open Research Problem


Independent Study and Research (ISR) course is a research driven course open to both UG and PG students. This Course will enable students to devise and execute a work by formulating a research problem under faculty guidance. In this course, students are given a research problem on which they work for one semester and possibly results into a Research Paper, Patent or a Publication. The course will enable critical thinking abilities in problem solving. This process may include a literature survey, collection of data (if any), analysis and conclusion with results. The student will be required to present the body of work in an objective report and demonstration.


During the course, the student will learn how to:

  • Develop a research proposal
  • Carry out a literature search and write a critical state-of-art review
  • Select suitable research methods and integrate them within a research methodology
  • Carry out the research processes
  • Analyze results critically
  • Write-up the body of work as a technical report.
Expected Outcomes

The ISR course provides an opportunity to pursue research in a topic within the broad area of the student's interest. Undertaking the course will enable the student to:

  • Investigate in depth a problem of scientific relevance
  • Survey recent research in a chosen topic
  • Acquaint with research methods applicable to the topic
  • Organize and carry out an independent study
  • Develop writing and presentation skills for scientific communication

In last 2 semester we had introduced this course to our UG and PG student. The outcomes of these courses were significant as 250 + Indexed research papers 15 + patents and new technologies evolved from this course. It was also found that student who took this course had published good Scientific papers which helped them to get R&D Jobs, MS and PhD admission with scholarship in Prestigious Universities.

Also in recent past, we have experience of formulating research problems from some of our foreign collaborators in which students worked with significant success. Eventually joint-authored scientific papers were published from these efforts. In last one year we have worked in collaborative research which resulted into publication from Collaborators from USA, U.K., Canada, China, Spain, Taiwan, Australia, Russia, Germany, Czech republic, etc. with a good number of research publications which has fostered collaborative research !