The annual ethical leadership programme, initiated by The Global Times-Amity’s youth newspaper, aims at grooming students as harbingers of change. Young leaders from across all Amity International Schools work on different social issues related to women, by forming teams, researching topics, designing plans of action, generating funds and finally showcasing their work in the form of a presentation at the grand finale.


Under the mentorship of Sonal Deshpande and leadership of Shivansh Mittal, the youth power team comprising Saayansh Ahuja (XI), Vikramaditya Singh (XI) and Pranav Nair (XI), researched and spread awareness about the importance of having a correct balance of ‘Emotional Quotient’ and ‘Intelligence Quotient’ especially in school children. Their proactive approach to reach out and help students won them the award for ‘Best Panel Discussion’. Amongst various activities to help children develop a healthy Emotional Quotient the prominent were - Creating a mindful jar, setting up ‘Emotional Help’ box and making fragrant paraffin wax cubes to calm down the nerves.