There's always a sweet nostalgia attached to my school memory, the recollection of which brings about an instant smile and compels me to utter "I miss school!" without a second thought.

My journey here has been the inextinguishable reservoir of lessons and reminiscences; a reservoir from which every ray of my personality stems from. I garnered the strength to tackle challenges here, I learned the ability to capitalise on opportunities, I acquired compassion, sensibility, and values innumerable to regard the world with, and I encountered the best of the people and experienced the best of the memories within those familiar walls.

10 years back, I walked in the iron gate towards the famous red-brick structure; my senses riddled with anxiety. 9 years later, I stepped out of the portals of the place I had grown accustomed to regard as my home; my heart and mind brimming with every possible emotion. It is a rabbit-hole to the past, glimpses of which shall never fade away.

Here's to Amity, my personal Wonderland.

Saumya Kalia (Batch: 2015)

"At Amity, there is an abundance of opportunities and mentors. I had the good fortune of studying here and exposing myself to multiple disciplines be it in academics, projects, debates, elocutions, programming, MUNs, quizzes, music or sports. I met some great teachers and friends here. Amity prepares well-rounded individuals who are ready for life!"

Sanchit Kumar (Batch: 2012)

My journey with this school started with its inception in 2005. I had the best moments of my life nurtured in a conducive environment full of opportunities, discipline, responsibilities and fun. It’s innovative curriculum made me participate in events both national and international. The gist of student’s life at Amity International School, Vasundhara, Sector 6 is reflected upon by the awesome teachers, who not only taught us courses but gave us morals for life. I still wish I could revive those carefree days.

Aarush Gupta (Batch: 2014)

Amity is a platform which evokes us to transcend our limits and achieve the inconceivable. My 6 years at Amity have molded me into a confident and beatific person I am today. It grooms you to become a Global leader committed to the welfare of society and advancement of our nation. Amity is just like a family with the most solicitous teachers and staff and the friends I made here have been the best thing ever happened to me.

The plethora of opportunities provided here are just unparalled, be it State, National or even International competitions, or the Inter and Intra Amity events. I have participated in numerous competitions and won various accolades but the pride and contentment on my teachers face every time I won was the perennial source of motivation to strive further.

Presently I am in 4th year of B-Tech degree from Delhi Technological University (formerly Delhi College of Engineering) majoring in Mechanical Engineering. Today or at any stage in my life if I were given an opportunity to re-live my days at Amity, it would be my honor to do so.

Jai Raj Gambhir(Batch: 2013)

Amity has played the most important role in developing my personality as it focuses not only on academics but helps you groom in every possible manner. And this is because of the ever encouraging teachers. Best thing about my schooling at Amity was the significant bond that I shared with my teachers. It made me fearless and always boosted my confidence. I would like to thank all my teachers who pushed me to pursue my interests and rise in life.

Shreya Gupta (Batch: 2013)

The years at Amity were the best that I have ever experienced. I just don't have enough words to express my gratitude towards all the teachers who have not just taught me but guided me, imparted values in me and made me a better person. I will always be grateful to the institution for providing me ample opportunities to excel at various fields of my interest. The teachers have always supported and encouraged me to improve myself and I am so very glad and honoured to have been a student of such great teachers. Whatever confidence and ability I have today, I owe to all my teachers at Amity and my parents.

Tishya Roy Choudhary(Batch: 2015)