Centers of Excellence

Amity Centers of Excellence (ACoE)

Mauritius is set on an economic growth pathway as outlined by the Prime Minister’s economic statement mission.

Within the context of an economic growth scenario, building human capacity, capable of responding to the new challenges, will be a significant contributing factor to success. However, while focusing on building this human capacity, it is imperative that academia and industry comes up with closer collabaration to ensure that there is no mismatch between knowledge, skill development and industry needs. In addition, Industry partners often require the inputs of research to improve their performance but lack the time and resources to undertake research that is relevant to their needs thereby resulting in the creation of these Centers of Excellence.

Amity is now embarking on the creation of a number of Centers of Excellence in Mauritius in key areas of development, to start with, namely in the field of Financial Services, Information Technology Enabled Services, Tourism and Hospitality, Oceanography and Renewable Energy in line with the Government’s mission of a second economic miracle1.


The aims of the Centers of Excellence are to:
  • provide an interactive consultative platform for academia and industry partners to come together for sharing of knowledge generated from research and its application
  • Identify further needs and relevancy of research to industry
  • Identify gaps in the provision of programmes offered by academia and the knowledge / skills requirement of the Industry
  • To introduce such education and training programmes that will hopefully reduce the mismatch between the knowledge / skills development and Industry needs thereby contributing to the increase in the human, institutional and industry capital of Mauritius and the region.

Expected Outcomes

It is expected that promoting such interactions between the academia and the industry through those Centers of Excellence will be mutually beneficial and should result in:
  • The introduction of innovative industry relevant programmes
  • The initiation of industry relevant research
  • An improved effectiveness of Amity Global Business School as a Higher Learning Institution
  • Improved performance of industry
  • Enhancement of the human capital of the institutions of the country and the region.


The Centers of Excellence will consider such activities as follows, which may include, but not limited to:
  • Identification of key issues that need to be addressed in terms of research, training and education but require closer interaction between the academia and the industry in any of the key areas of development identified
  • Organisation of high level Conferences that group industry partners and renowned scientists, industry associations both local and international
  • Publication of conference Publications and their dissemination
  • Networking of professionals in any developmental area
  • Design and introduction of innovative industry relevant programmes

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